For Individuals

Developmental Coaching & Mentoring with an Intersectional Feminist Lens & Relational Approach

For people who want to get into different relationships with themselves and the world around them so that they can enjoy more meaningful, satisfying lives.

All of our seemingly practical struggles emerge from our experiences of relation to ourselves and our contexts.

I wonder if you

  • think deeply and care greatly about how people experience life on this planet
  • crave some certainty around how to correctly hold your own and others’ needs in balance
  • feel drained by lessons & disappointments over recent years, and perhaps even momentary envy of those who seem unaware of the complexities we face
  • experience pressure to be some version of perfect- clever enough, morally good enough, boundaried enough, generous enough, informed enough, sure enough, effective enough, confident enough, humble enough, active enough, resting enough… 

I believe in the Paradoxical Theory of Change

This suggests that change occurs when we become who we are, not when we try to become who we are not. If we want to move through the world with a greater sense of ease, courage and contentment, it makes sense for us to begin with becoming accepting more of ourselves.

Imagine if you could

  • stop wasting energy trying to conceal parts of yourself (needs, desires, hopes, failings)
  • embrace your multifaceted, paradoxical nature & access a sense of wholeness
  • deepen your awareness of the subjectivity of your (and others’) perspectives to support healthy relation
  • stop experiencing yourself as a function of how others experience you

I wonder what behaviours & experiences might become available to you..

Read an in depth Client Case Study about my work with Sally, CEO of The Portal Collective

As told to and written by copywriter Sophy Dale of Word Power Consulting.


My 1:1 work is responsive & dynamic, meeting you where you are with all my experience, training and tools. 

Some examples of things that clients bring to coaching with me

  • making decisions, accessing discernment or self trust
  • finding or claiming a voice for advocacy for self or others in life or work
  • a sense of being stuck in specific areas or more broadly
  • a general dissatisfaction with life, work or relationships
  • desiring to embark on something new and lacking self belief
  • overwhelmed by uncertainty
  • yearning to make a tangible contribution to the collective
  • feeling overworked, underappreciated, misunderstood

I support people to gain increased access to psychological safety, in context

I have a special interest in relational safety as I believe that the self exists at the boundary between the person and the context. We are social beings, indivisible from our environments, making and unmaking one another. I am committed to including and working with the realities of moving through the world with any marginalised characteristics we way have.

Keri coached me for about a year and it was a truly transformative experience. She was able to build my trust in her so that I was able to open up some areas that I had kept closed for a very long time. Her methods and tools to support you to identify your desired outcomes and then map a pathway forward are extensive and personalised to your needs. I learnt things about myself that changed the way I view and navigate the world and I have several new tools which I frequently go back to in times of self doubt. Thank you Keri!
Jemma Mindham
Experienced Voluntary & Community Sector Leader

How do we do this then?

You can book a chat with me about the possibility of working together over a period of time, typically 3, 6 or 12 months. (More on this below).

You can book a One Off 1:1 Coaching Session . They are £150 for 60-90 minutes and include the recording and a detailed write up from me to you.

"Keri doesn't shy away from the messiness of being a human (and a business owner), and will hold space for you to find your own answers in a way few coaches can. I trusted her when I was navigating a tricky ethical dilemma in my business, and there was no better woman for the job. She's wise, funny and a total joy to work with."
Natalie Koussa
Messaging Coach & Podcast Guesting Strategist

A typical 3 month package would be

  • We have a chat to check for fit, scope and suitability.
  • You complete an exploratory questionnaire and I use your responses to prepare for…
  • Our kick off day together. This is typically around 5 hours and includes breaks away from the screen for meals, movement and fresh air as per your preferences. Usually, the morning is focussed around softer stuff- meaning making, beliefs, ways of being, assumptions, etc, and the afternoon is more strategic- where might we go from here?
  • You’ll receive a detailed write up of time together with relevant resources and recommendations
  • Fortnightly 60 minute coaching calls to follow
  • Whatsapp coaching support available throughout
  • One 90 minute session for reflection, integration and intention setting

This package is

  • £2000 if funded by an employer
  • £1500 if self funded at the Standard Rate
  • £750 if the Solidarity Rate is agreed (click here for info)

Non-punitive monthly payment plans are available at any rate, the lengths of which can be flexed to meet your needs.

Who IS she though? Training, Experience, Standards...

And Who Are You?

My individual clients are usually deep thinkers and feelers. They take these ways of being into all kinds of work. Examples of my clients’ job roles include marketing director, podcast producer, website designer, copywriter, psychotherapist, creative mentor, yoga teacher, literary agent, business coach, third sector consultant, and so on.

Other ways to work with me...

You’ll find me convening groups on The Portal Collective. This is Composting.

The spaces Keri creates are like fertile little gardens of ideas, experiences and supportive reflections, developed on rich community soil where empathy abounds.
Keri's groups are resourcing, inspiring, hopeful spaces in which I feel deeply accompanied while navigating growth and change.