Developmental Coaching with an Intersectional Feminist Lens

Hey, I’m Keri.

I’m a Developmental Coach, Intersectional Feminist & Charity Co-Founder

I help people to cultivate healthy relation with themselves and others in their work & lives

I’m making some changes to the website as I settle into the next chapter of my work, updates to come soon.

“Keri Jarvis worked in an insightful and integrated way with me that brought instant benefit to myself and my work. She’s part enabler, part critical friend, part provocateur. She managed to time her prompts, questions, advice and tools for just the right moment – helping create the right conditions for positive transformation personally and professionally.”


“Working with Keri has allowed me to tap into my own confidence so that I too can challenge what we have been told is true for us. What I find wonderful about being part of Keri’s mastermind is the opportunity I have to observe and be part of other people’s stories too. There is so much gold in hearing others work through what’s going on for them. Keri’s abilities as a coach are well worth the investment of the mastermind, she is incredible at what she does. 

Her humanity and thirst for justice bring such a unique flavour to the insights she brings to each of our challenges and questions. I can’t quite put it into words the difference that being part of this mastermind has made to my life, it has changed me in what feels like very subtle ways yet shows up in quite bold positioning in my business (and my relationships if I’m being honest).”