Ready To Get Shift Faced?

I’m growing a CULTure of purposeful, powerful, plentiful women, and you’re invited.

Let’s face it, we are crying out for a shift. The future of our society, our planet even, literally demands it, because this shit storm of division, injustice, numbness, inequality, apathy, destruction… it’s hardly conducive to the lives we dreamed of.
And what of those dream lives babe- did yours show up yet? Maybe you just need to wait a bit longer to go after it. You know, when the economy is better, or your kids are older, or there’s a new government… maybe just ‘in a couple of weeks when things calm down’ *raises eyebrows).
 If YOU could sort our culture out, would you do it? Of course you would (otherwise, it’s time for us to wave goodbye…). If YOU could incrementally move closer to your highest vision for yourself, so that in a couple of years time you look back, gobsmacked by how much progress you’ve made, would you? (If the answer is no, I’ve got people who can help you with that, just holler, but I’m assuming it’s a big fat YEAH for most of us).

Here’s the first shift – YOU CAN.


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Remember when you were a kid, and you just KNEW that you were a fricking big deal? At times I thought I might be the second coming of the Messiah (there’s still time, right?), in other moments I was convinced I’d got the same powers as Matilda. I thought everyone should hear me, that my voice was important, that I could make things better. Didn’t you?
That was the truth. That wasn’t some childish fantasy of greatness, it was REAL. Alright, the specifics of our powers are a bit different to what we thought, but the principle is RIGHT. You’ve got a unique opportunity to be… you. Not this watered down, good girl stuff you’ve been doing for years- complying, being responsible, doing what people expect. You are the the Universe expressing itself in human form for a short while. You’re meant to make the contribution to this world that only you can, and to have a wild, REAL and brilliant time doing it. 
Imagine yourself doing something spine tinglingly purposeful. Imagine that you are deeply acquainted with your own power. Imagine that you are plentiful AF. 
I’m inviting you to face up to the gap between where you are, and what’s possible for the rest of your life, and to get excited about bringing it home. It’s time to get SHIFT FACED and THRIVE.

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