Work With Me


Alright, who exactly do you think you are? Babe, the fact that you are even considering this is spine tinglingly exciting, so give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far. 

You can always drop me a DM on instagram if you wanna chat. Absolutely zero pressure- I have no desire to get stuck in with anyone who is not the right fit for this work with me right now, and it’s not unusual for me to refer people on to someone else who I think could better meet their needs. Any conversation we have is a fact finding mission for both of us, as equals.


Let's set out my Financial stall from the off- payment plans available at no additional cost.







Pre-work questionnaire getting you started on owning up to what matters to you, and the parts of you that are getting in the way of that. 
A 5 hour coaching and strategy session, in person (in Leigh on Sea or London), or online, as suits you.
Unlimited access to me via whatsapp (messages and voice notes) for the duration of our time together.
Fortnightly one hour coaching calls on Zoom.
A bespoke consultation with Camilla Bevington, Mindful Marketing Consultant, worth £175.
(If you go for 6 or 12 months, we will have another 5 hour coaching and strategy session every 3 months to refresh our focus.

Audacious abundance, audacious self worth, audacious joy, audacious impact, it’s all yours for the taking. Almost every day, I receive messages from women in my community along these lines: “I cannot believe I’ve just done xyz, and it’s because you made me see things differently. I can’t stand to think I might have carried on through life not knowing I could.”

This is about you. And it’s about way more than you. When you allow yourself to be energised by the promise of your potential, when you begin to believe it’s safe for you to experience your life to the max, you send up a flare. Other women, other people from your background, your partner, your family and friends, your kids, everyone else’s kids… they will notice. You will permit them to reconsider their limits too. Can you fricking imagine a world where more people like you are in a state of expansion?! I CAN. It’s happening, babes. Come with me.