Work With Me 1:1

Ok babes, by this point I’m sure you’ve had a good look around the site, and maybe my Instagram. You know a bit about who I am and my approach to my work.

If you’re ready to see things as they really are, rather than how they appear to be (in the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy that we sadly reside in) , working with me 1:1 could be for you. 

You’re likely to also have some of these things in common with my clients:

  • Yes- you WANT more financial flow and security, but you’re not willing to compromise your values to get it.
  • You are available for whole person coaching. Babes, I will do goal setting stuff with you if you like, but only in a way that takes into account the parts of you that are yearning for support. I don’t coach the situation. I coach you, the person who happens to be in the situation.
  • You feel both thrilled by, and unworthy of, the prospect of basking in my unconditional positive regard, being repeatedly validated and nurtured, and having so much attention on your needs for a period of time. (Remember – you contain multitudes. Parts of you are into it. Parts of you find it incredibly self indulgent).
  • You kind of, sort of wish someone would just tell you what to do, but you also know that you are the rightful leader of your life. (I will make invitations, I will present offerings, with permission I will share my opinion, but I will never instruct you).

Fear not, I’m not gonna wrap you up in cotton wool either…

“I can’t praise Keri highly enough. She is no nonsense and hard-hitting; but her advice is always honest, fair and carefully considered. It also comes from a place of sincere kindness and empathy. I usually hate taking advice or receiving criticism (I’m working on that!), so having Keri as an impartial coach has been invaluable in every aspect of my development. When you work with Keri you enjoy a totally unique relationship that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s different to confiding in friends, colleagues, family or a partner.

“Working with Keri is different; she’s awesome and all that, but it’s ultimately a business transaction. With life-changing consequences.”


You drop me an email to arrange a call. We have a 60 minute chat about what you need, and what I can offer. I send you away to think about it.

If you decide to go ahead, I’ll send you an agreement for your consideration, outlining the details and terms of our work.

You can choose to work with me over 3, 6 or 12 months.

I’ll provide you with a reflective questionnaire that guides the focus of our work together (although this may shift and evolve throughout). 

We will enjoy (mostly babes, some bits are gonna SUCK, it’s not easy acknowledging some of this stuff) a day together, built around a 5 hour coaching and strategy session. We will eat delicious food, drink good coffee and maybe round off with a cocktail if you’re into it. (In Leigh on Sea or London).

Unlimited access to me via WhatsApp (messages and voice notes) for the duration of our time together. We might be following up on agreed homework, we might be addressing a situation that comes up, we might be celebrating progress, or something else. I’m here for whatever you need.

A minimum of fortnightly one hour coaching calls on Zoom. Babes- this is the baseline structure- sometimes people have more going on than we have capacity for in one session. Sometimes they are not in the best place to tackle something. Sometimes WhatsApp doesn’t feel enough. The structure is there to provide clarity for us both about what I am guaranteeing, and fairness amongst my client group. AND I trust all of us to be able to flex to the needs that present themselves.

A bespoke consultation with Camilla Bevington, Mindful Marketing Consultant, worth £175.

Every 3 months, we will have a further day together to reflect upon your progress, and refresh our focus.

What's the investment?







Payment plans are available at no additional cost. Of course, I believe that our work will remain present with you for many years. And also, I prefer not to extend payment plans way far into the future, because I believe it doesn’t always feel great to be paying for a service you’re no longer receiving for a long time. This is something for us to discuss, to see how we might land on something that works for us both.

A heads up- some of my clients receive contributions towards the cost of their coaching from their employers, do you know if this is something that is available to you?

If my 1:1 rates are inaccessible to you, you might like to consider my Mastermind programme. 

Or, if you need something sooner, or are really committed to 1:1 working, please drop me an email and tell me about your needs. I have had the joy of coaching some brilliant coaches, and I’ll be happy to connect you with someone who might be a good fit for you.

Working with Keri feels like coming home to yourself.”


Babes, however you proceed from here, I’m so happy that you are even considering locking in some support for yourself. We are not meant to navigate life under our own steam- this is part of the unlearning. 

You probably can’t imagine the knock on effect it can have when you start to move through the world with more self belief- more clarity about how things actually work, and how you fit into it all.

It’s like you send up a flare to other women, and anyone marginalised by their gender. It’s signalling that expanding our perspective of what’s possible for us is getting safer. All the parts of me want to play a part in that. I hope you’ll find a way to join in.