Working Together 1:1

“Keri doesn’t shy away from the messiness of being a human (and a business owner), and will hold space for you to find your own answers in a way few coaches can.

I trusted her when I was navigating a tricky ethical dilemma in my business, and there was no better woman for the job.

She’s wise, funny and a total joy to work with.”

Natalie Koussa, Messaging Coach + Podcast Guesting Strategist

I’m a Developmental Coach, Intersectional Feminist, Charity Co-Founder and Community Activist.

I help social justice oriented business owners to

  • expand their self concepts
  • bring their equitable values to life in their work and outside of it
  • lead more satisfying lives

I also work with organisations to build belief, relational safety and inclusivity in their teams

My 1:1 Coaching Clients are usually having the following sorts of thoughts:

There are moments when I really know I am capable of achieving what I want, but then I just seem to get in my own way.

I know what I need to do but for some reason I just can’t seem to make it happen.

It seems to be so much harder for me than for them, even though parts of me know I’m just as good at it.

I’m so busy meeting everyone else’s needs and trying to do the right thing that I never get to prioritise what I want.

I wish I wasn’t so impacted by the way others respond to me.

I used to be much more competent than I am right now.

I don’t know many people who see things the way I do.

I wish I could feel more sure about things.

I wonder if I’ve missed my chance.

Developmental Coaching With Me

In simple terms:

My coaching can support you to heal the root causes of the stuff you do to ‘get in your own way’ (your protective behaviours), and to acknowledge and access your inner resources (your healthy adult self).

We can work together on all sorts of stuff like

  • embodying values
  • deepening self awareness
  • upholding boundaries
  • cultivating confidence
  • decision making
  • increasing visibility
  • moving through fear of criticism
  • dealing with uncertainty
  • creating space for pleasure
  • increasing risk tolerance
  • creativity & innovation
  • navigating conflict
  • realising your vision for your life & work

and pretty much anything else, because your capacity to navigate these things all comes down to the way you see yourself and your place in the world.

Throughout, we will acknowledge and consider the impact that living within systems of oppression understandably has on your self belief, and strategise with this in mind. 


More Detail on Training and Scope:

The Self Belief Coaching Developmental Model I work with has been adapted by Sas Petherick from Bachkirova (2013). My training with Sas in her Self Belief coaching Academy is evidence based, trauma informed and accredited at ICF CCE level. You are welcome to have a look at the details of that training here to give you a greater sense of what I’m bringing.

I have a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership Through Behavioural Science issued by the London School of Economics and Political Science after completing their course with an “exceptional” mark.

I’m also in training with Optimus Coach Academy working towards ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation. 

I work with clients to

  • Expand their Self Concept
  • Improve the Quality of their Perception
  • Make a Subject- Object shift around behaviours and identity (for themselves and the way they perceive others)
  • Utilise a model of Multiplicity of the Self to support desirable changes in behaviour
  • Develop their Political Consciousness

Standards and Suitability

  • I am in receipt of regular Coaching Supervision and Therapy to support me in upholding high standards in my practice.
  • Coaching isn’t therapy, or a substitute for it. If you need to choose between coaching and therapy, I recommend you choose therapy, and can offer you a great contact. Many of my clients are doing both.
  • When we meet to discuss the possibility of working together, we will discuss the limitations of coaching and your suitability for this approach at this point in time. Coaching requires a base level of psychological safety that may be difficult to access if you are experiencing mental health issues, or if there are traumatic events associated with your self doubt.
  • My clients are proactively invited to offer me feedback about our coaching dynamic on a regular basis, and I am engaged in my own reflective practice to support this.

“I can’t praise Keri highly enough. She is no nonsense and hard-hitting; but her advice is always honest, fair and carefully considered. It also comes from a place of sincere kindness and empathy. I usually hate taking advice or receiving criticism (I’m working on that!), so having Keri as an impartial coach has been invaluable in every aspect of my development. When you work with Keri you enjoy a totally unique relationship that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s different to confiding in friends, colleagues, family or a partner.

“Working with Keri is different; she’s awesome and all that, but it’s ultimately a business transaction. With life-changing consequences.”


I also bring with me…

  • 6 years of Senior Management experience for a Major High St Retailer, leading teams of hundreds & coaching and developing junior managers and graduates.
  • 10 years of running my own business. I’m the Founder of Do It Like A Mother (in loving new hands since 2020), where I opened 2 studios, grew a team, built a brand and customer base, facilitated accessible services for our community and supported our local women’s charity. 
  • 7 years of teaching, coaching and mentoring small business owners, initially as an arm of that brand.
  • 3 years of Community Activism locally.
  • I’m the Co-Founder of Southend Care Bank, a Registered Charity focussed on alleviating the impact of hygiene poverty in our city, as well as facilitating the redistribution of resources and providing “third place” environments.
When you book time with me, you are welcome to tap into any of my experiences alongside receiving coaching.

Packages and Pricing

6 months of Coaching and Supported Integration: £4000 Corporate Rate, £3000 Standard Rate, £1500 Solidarity Rate

2 Days Together (one at the start, one mid way). 

12 Coaching Calls (fortnightly). 

1 Consolidation Session.

Unlimited Coaching & Check Ins via Whatsapp Throughout.

My reflections, suggestions and resources, documented for you to keep.


3 months of Coaching and Supported Integration: £2000 Corporate Rate, £1500 Standard Rate, £750 Solidarity Rate

1 Days Together at the start.

6 Coaching Calls (fortnightly). 

1 Consolidation Session.

Unlimited Coaching & Check Ins via Whatsapp Throughout.

My reflections, suggestions and resources, documented for you to keep.

One month of Coaching and Supported Integration: £1000 Corporate Rate, £750 Standard Rate, £375 Solidarity Rate

1 Day Together.

Unlimited Coaching & Check Ins via  Whatsapp Throughout.

1 Consolidation Session.

My reflections, suggestions and resources, documented for you to keep.

One Off Coaching Session: £200 Corporate Rate, £150 Standard Rate, £75 Solidarity Rate

A Pre- Session Questionnaire that will inform my preparation.

60-90 minutes on Zoom together.

Comprehensive notes from me to you capturing my reflections, suggestions, and any resources I find it appropriate to offer you.


My 1:1 rates are carefully considered, and calculated based on a combination of

  • my levels of relevant experience, certification, and peer comparison
  • client feedback and satisfaction with value for money
  • the rates I need to charge to be able to devote 20% of my available working hours to unpaid labour for our Community Care Bank
  • the rates I need to charge to be able to provide ‘pay what you can afford’ options for all of my workshops 
  • the rates I need to charge to pay my collaborators and the service providers who support my business fairly
  • the rates I need to charge to provide a good life for myself and my family, and to further contribute to our community

Solidarity Rates are available to people who are all of the following

  • unable to afford the standard rate 
  • working to transform oppressive systems
  • marginalised by their identities

If you are an employee of a Corporation, you may find that your employer is willing to cover or contribute to the cost of your Developmental Coaching. Please email me at to discuss this, and I can provide you with a PDF to share with your employer outlining the benefits of coaching for their organisation, most relevant testimonials, etc.

If you are paying for your own coaching, I offer non-punitive payment plans of up to 12 months as standard, with further flexibility available on discussion.

In some circumstances I will consider skill swap agreements. You are really welcome to inquire, and please do not be personally offended if I decline. My position will depend upon a wide range of factors including capacity, priorities and suitability.

During periods where I have hit my Thriving Income Requirements, I offer limited numbers of 1:1 One Off Coaching Sessions on a Pay What You Can Afford basis. I announce these spaces to my email list.



“Working with Keri this year has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my life.  I started the year feeling burnt out and am ending the year feeling grounded and safe in who I am and my work in this world.

Keri’s gentle, yet ‘confident/assertive’ (not sure which word i want to be using here) coaching has enabled me to enjoy playing around with different ideas and try different things without feeling pressure that I am ‘wasting time and should be productive’.

As a result of Keri’s guidance and encouragement, I have loved being active once again in my own community, after a while of avoiding being involved in this kind of activism.

Keri has a beautiful way of holding space, making you know that you matter and that you deserve to have the very best.

I cannot thank Keri enough for her work and for the resources I now have available to me that will continue to help me to live a fulfilling life all the while keeping on with activism.”


If you’d like to work with me 1:1, here’s what happens next…

For a 6 Month or 1 Month Package, please click the button below and book a 30 minute chat with me.

During this call I’ll ask you to tell me about why you’re interested in working with me, I’ll check your understanding of the scope of my work, and we will explore options. You’re not under any obligation to go on to make a booking.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to email me if you prefer.

Any questions? You are always welcome to get in touch for a chat with no weirdness, no pressure, no hard sell. I am absolutely disinterested in getting into a coaching relationship with anyone who does not wholly, enthusiastically, autonomously declare their informed consent. If either of us feel like we are not a great fit at the mo, I will be really happy to offer you a recommendation for a coach whose services might suit you better. And if you’ve made it this far down this page, thanks so much for your attention.

Working with Keri feels like coming home to yourself.”