That depends on you babes. Your needs, your challenges, your desires. But each client I work with will go through this initial process…

  • Zoom chat, for each of us to assess whether we are a match, and if so, to come to some overall guiding objectives for our work together
  • A personalised agreement outlining our coaching relationship and responsibilities
  • Getting into the detail on a comprehensive questionnaire you’ll complete about all facets of your life (and business- if applicable)
  • Our super sesh together will involve exploring and reflecting on the content of this questionnaire further, tackling some of it there and then, and identifying the most appropriate tools and resources for you in the weeks to come.

  • Our conversations throughout are likely to cover things like identifying what you want, understanding why you might struggle to ask for it or allow yourself to receive it, and coming up with experiments to test the validity of your perspective of what’s possible for you.
  • In fact, our time together is likely to borrow from across my body of work on Audacity, and its four facets, as you require. (1. Acknowledge and ask for what you want, 2. Appearance ambivalence, 3. Availability for abundance, 4. Alliance with others).
  • Where it’s safe to do so, we will examine the root causes of the self doubt that separates you from what you want, and challenge or develop the meaning you’ve made of some of your past experiences. In doing so, we will move you closer to action taking in a stretchy, but manageable way.
  • All of our work will acknowledge the societal norms we exist within, where patriarchy, racism and capitalism have more impact on our lives than we potentially realise.
  • I AM into a bit of woo. But there will be no bypassing, and I’ll seek your permission to share more spiritual perspectives or resources where I think they might be helpful.

  • If you’re coming to me for business coaching, it’s all of the above, blended with coaching, mentoring, and consulting on your business as you desire. Most of my clients receive a blend of all 3. We can talk about what this might look like on our initial zoom call.

My business mentoring and consulting is grounded in my

  • (this is the least relevant, but let’s stay chronological)- knowledge from my degree in Management (accounting, economics, marketing) with Maths (the maths is less relevant babes, but you know, problem solving and all that, haaaaaa)
  • commercial and people management experience from 6 years in senior management for a major High St Retailer, delivering £20mil+ turnovers, mentoring and developing junior managers, managing and motivating hundreds of individuals
  • experience from growing my previous business Do It Like A Mother (sold in 2020) from scratch, to a thriving real life studio and online community. You can see that journey brought to life a bit on the DILAM highlight on my instagram stories.
  • my experience of continuing to grow my personal brand beyond the sale of the business I was known for
  • my experience of working with my clients with various sorts of businesses- authors, copywriters, coaches, VAs, photographers, birth workers, marketing consultants, product led businesses, training businesses, etc

Ok, take me to THINGS CLIENTS SAY, I wanna check it out.