Get Shift Faced and Thrive 2020

The programme kicks off on Monday 3rd Feb

It’s almost time. And thank all the Gods that it is, because I am fucking DONE with this- hearing it, seeing it, FEELING it, over and over and over…

Women like you, living life as an understudy, waiting in the wings. Do you relate? Reading the posts, listening to the podcasts, verrrrrrry gradually integrating bits of the wisdom that you fleetingly recognise as TRUTH before returning to your normal life, and most of it slips away. 

Watching others moving forwards, at pace, and wondering when it will be your turn? Or just HOW?! How do other women manage to find the time, energy, headspace even, to address their stuff? 

It’s alright for her, I guess, because… (insert nonsensical but temporarily satisfying reason- eg- her kids are older/ younger, her husband earns more money/ gets it/ does more with the kids, her parents are retired/ live closer, she got in there sooner when it was easier to stand out…). 

And so what? Are you just gonna accept that she is the star of the show? The main character in YOUR LIFE STORY? 

Babe. You are not, and have never been the understudy. You are a big deal. All the things you dream of for yourself and your family- THEY ARE ALL REAL, already existing out there in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. 

I am done with you denial of your potential, your assimilation to the patriarchy and the capitalism we live in amongst, your second guessing yourself, your hiding, your shrinking, your WAITING.

What are you waiting for?

This refreshed and rebooted version of Thrive is pretty special. May I say, even in the original format, it’s fucking brilliant, so this really is something. (If you wanna check out some testimonials, and get a bit of a taste of the themes – see the Thrive highlights on my insta).

What’s changing?

It’s going from 13 weeks to 20 weeks (spread over 6 months, because we are taking school holidays OFF). 

A longer experience means I’m making it EVEN HARDER for you to escape from serious progress. I know how life is, obvs, and that things come up. If that happens during a shorter window, first of all it’s a bigger proportion of time. 

Secondly, if you lose momentum, it’s tricky to get back into the rhythm of something that was so new when you perceive that it’ll be over pretty soon. Over 6 months, we will be going deeper on the details, integrating under supervision, and allowing the space for this to become your new normal. 

I’ll keep a couple of implementation and catch up weeks in place, but the real, unavoidable action will happen in June.



Whether it’s rebranding your business, launching a new product, getting more visible, upping your prices, writing more, improving your relationships, increasing your self worth… whatever your priorities emerge as throughout the process, we will be going hard on them, and leaving no room for avoidance. When you come up against the old (and probably some new) blocks and obstacles, I’ll be there to remind you of what you’ve learned, to reframe for you, and to equip you to take action in spite of the fear. Because that’s what being brave is.

Just think, at the end of June, we will be 5% of the way through the new decade. Who will you have become by then? What will you have done that currently seems impossible, or not the sort of thing you could do?

For the final 3 weeks, we will revisit Pupose, Power and Plenty and I’ll send you on your way with love, striding into the remainder of the decade empowered, connected (to yourself an to an incredible group of women), and shift faced.


Further changes…

I’m not planning on doing this alone. I’m really good at what I do, but my zone of genius has it’s limits. I’m bringing a team. 

Team Thrive are each gonna be available to you, covering their specialities, from opening up the door to your intuition to getting your insta grid looking sharp.

Staying the same-

More monthly bonus sessions with brilliant women- I’ve got pensions for the self employed, I’ve got being brave enough to be you, I’ve got navigating brand partnerships, and much more (you can work that out yourself because I’ve only named 3 and there are 6 months of this, so…). It’s a varied mix and the people delivering them are all beyond awesome.

In addition…

I’m running a new feature, where each month you get a live session with a successful female founder, telling you her story and taking your Qs about how she did it.

This is all on top of the existing bonus bundle, including:

How to keep (and improve) your relationship alongside your personal/ business growth (with me and Nick)

How to sell (with me)

How to sell without feeling sick (with Ray Dodd)

How to alchemise your blocks into growth (with Tamu Thomas of Live Three Sixty)

Cultivating creative confidence (with Nicola Rae Wickham)

Introduction to intuitive eating (with Pandora Paloma)

Manifestation masterclass (with me)

I’m confident that I am providing you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to step into the life you’d choose, to get more of what you want. Happiness, fulfillment, love, sex, money, adventure, recognition, impact, all of it.

Because you’re not the understudy. You’re not even the leading lady. You’re simply the lead in your own life. Aren’t you?

What’s the Investment?

The investment for this flying start to the decade is £1,111.


AND. I’VE SUPER EXTENDED THE PAYMENT PLAN. You can claim your space at that price, with a £91 deposit, then make 12 payments due at £85 on the 28th of each month February onwards.  If you’re in, CONGRATULATIONS, click here to secure your space. Please note that your deposit is non refundable and non transferable.

OR you can pay in full and get a 10% discount, taking it down to a RIDICULOUS £999.90

I am absolutely pumped to find out who is gonna be a part of this. And if it’s not you, even if you’ve been watching and waiting and wanting to know, I wanna ask you- IF NOT NOW, WHEN? When will you give yourself permission to claim this precious life as your own? 2020 is inviting you to meet it in the magic of new beginnings.

But How Does This Actually Work?

Ok, if you’re new to me, or to this, here’s what you need to know.
Everything is online, so you can access the content from anywhere. The weekly video content drop is pre recorded (with accompanying written version) so you can access it when it suits you, without deadline- you can ask me about anything and everything at any time during the programme. Keeping it simple and easy for you to get the most out of me babes.
The content you receive is essentially me sharing with you the ideas, tools, straight up FACTS that have allowed me to take my life from aaaaagggggghhhhhhhh to ahhhhhhhhhh (mostly, I’m still a woman living in the patriarchy, and a mother, and a human) over the last 6 years. 
It goes on to set you some work- questions to explore, activities to get on with, because reading it and hearing it gets you nowhere. This is an experience for the action takers. 
I know what you’re thinking… I won’t have time. You mean you won’t have time to improve your life, because you’re too busy maintaining one that feels miserable to mediocre? With all my love- keep putting your energy there and you’re firmly insane. 
And now you’re like, I know what you’re saying, but I can’t just put myself first. Yes you can. I’m gonna teach you how you can, and why you MUST. For the sake of everyone you know. For a LONG time I was that woman who couldn’t, a victim of my circumstances, and pretty pissed off about it. I was no fun to be around, never mind to live with. 

Graaaaaaaaaaaadually, I woke UP. And in freeing myself from martyrdom, I’ve become a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, person. I’ve been able to take almost 100 women through this programme, another 24 on the sister experience on retreat with me, with incredible feedback throughout. What if I’d stayed where I was? That’s a whole lot of life unlived, love and joy unspent, for everyone involved.
Anyway back to how it works… you’ll be invited to come into the private facebook group with all of your musings for feedback as regularly as you like, and I’ll be in live every week taking your Qs. 

Again, it’s recorded so you can catch it anytime, and you can submit Qs any time in the run up to the next sesh.
The sessions with my team and bonus providers will be on zoom- you’ll get a link to join live if you fancy or a recording. 
I mean I think that’s it… sounds good though, right?!
More than anything, I want you to know that it’s possible for life to feel different- lighter, brighter, fucking glorious- and it starts with you seeing things differently.