“I asked Keri to speak at the Launch Party for my book (Hype Yourself) after witnessing her bringing the audience of 100 to life at a Mothers Meetings event.

“She loosened everyone up, with her conversational style and her invitation to participate. She was able to put her unique stamp on the talk which was totally authentic to her but completely connected with my audience.

“She is a straight talker (which I love) but is completely empathetic at the same time. I wish I could book her for every event I host.”

Lucy Werner, Founder of The Wern, Author of Best Selling Book, Hype Yourself

Bravery, boldness, courage, confidence, grit, nerve… we want them all.

AUDACITY is the movement we didn’t know we were waiting for.

Despite the popular misconception that creating hilarious audacity themed memes for Instagram is my full time gig, I also run coaching programmes on it, and speak on it at any opportunity. 

The 4 Essential As of a more audacious life are:

    • Acknowledge and Ask for what you want
    • Appearance Ambivalence
    • Availability for Abundance

Speaking segments can be crafted from these facets of audacity to suit your audience and event, from launches to lunches, to retreats, and corporate training meets.

Examples include (but are not limited to)...

Who Does She Think She Is?! – an exploration of the reasons that women in particular are prone to deference, and shrinking to fit. An invitation to reclaim the phrase and band together to expand together.

You Resent, They Don’t Consent – getting acquainted with the costs & consequences of our unwillingness to be bold. Resentment is RIFE, it erodes trust & impacts all of our relationships. An incentive to commit to courageous conversations, and how to go about it.

What You See Isn’t What You Get – unpacking the ways in which women’s proximity to our society’s version of prettiness impacts their confidence, and therefore how thoroughly they meet their potential. An offering of clarity around who benefits from our beliefs that we need to be as beautiful as possible to be seen & heard, and mindset shifts to support a move towards appearance ambivalence.  

Self Care, Please Beware – unravelling the discreetly oppressive nature of the popular narratives of self care. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” = you CAN pour, right down to your last drop, so maybe you SHOULD… And THEN you may refill, but ONLY SO you are able to pour once more… never mind yourself, your joy, your life. This one is a rallying cry to overthrow the status quo- that most women only allow themselves an episode of pleasure when they are on their knees.

So, You Think You’re A Fraud – my go to guide for navigating imposter syndrome. Why we experience it, why we might actually welcome it (I know, it seems wild), how to move through it with grace and take the edge off the symptoms. Reassurance that we DO belong in the realms of our dreams, and tips to begin to believe it.

If you’re looking and thinking, “hmmm, it’s almost, but not quite this we are after”, drop me an email at hey@kerijarvis.com and we can discuss how I can meet your needs.

Why Me?

Audacity is my EVERYTHING. 

  • I almost ruined my own life getting sucked into a downward spiral, a race to the bottom, a near addiction to martyrdom and resentment. It takes someone who has been there to know the twisted pleasure of becoming ‘less’. That awareness is the start of stepping out of it.
  • My background is in senior management for a major high street retailer- I understand how big ideas like Audacity need to translate to support brand values and a varied demographic of employees.
  • I’m a brand founder, birthing Do It Like A Mother shortly after my first baby, and selling it against everyone’s ‘better’ judgement at the start of 2020…
  • I’ve taken over 100 women through my original signature programme since 2018, with rave reviews. I have a broad and deep understanding of the reasons why we hold ourselves back, and the most effective solutions.
  • Babes, I’m FUN. This is not stand up comedy, of course. I’m not literal LOL hilarious, but I will bring a lightness that allows your audience to digest some meaty topics without needing a nap at the end. 
  • A key part of achieving this is my openness to, or rather, insistence upon, sharing my personal experiences around the topics. I will not spare myself any blushes, because developing our alliance as women requires vulnerability. I’m gonna lead it.
  • I love love love Q&A and am always available for either prepared, or spontaneous questions from your people.
  • I’m equally as comfortable delivering on stage and on Zoom- I’ve been working from home since before everyone was doing it, so holding attention on a screen is second nature. But I do LOVE that real life connection. In both settings, I deliver sessions with just the right amount of interaction to balance value and engagement. 

“Keri did a fantastic job at speaking to our Women’s Network at Essex County Council – her talk was on self-advocacy and being audacious, but covered so many topics and ideas around this, as well as the all-important tips for putting these ideas into practice.  Though a virtual session, with her warm and honest approach Keri connected instantly with the audience and the chat function was flooded with comments, questions and discussion from the start. During the Q&A, her empathetic approach encouraged our members to really open up she then tackled some challenging topics, providing practical advice and ideas for further support, as well as reading material for all the inspired feminists listening.  Her talk resonated with so many people and it was brilliant to see how it sparked new connections and support amongst the audience through the chat.  It was a fantastic moment for our new Network and we hope Keri will come back to speak to us again.”

Jo Boyd- Wallis, Senior Strategy Advisor, Essex County Council

“I booked Keri to deliver a session on Imposter Syndrome for my RealWork group. It’s a topic that’s widely discussed, but Keri brought a fresh take, and new insights. She was pretty confronting, but her lightness meant people could laugh at the familiar self sabotaging patterns being unpacked, and stay open to making changes. I’m having her back for a regular slot, by popular demand.”
Fleur Emery, Start-Up Expert, Business Coach, Founder of REALWORK