Space to Thrive, November 2020

Holy. Fricking. Hell. We are gonna need a RESET. Replenishment. Recovery. Retreat.

I never imagined, when I envisaged this group of women assembling, that it would be occurring as we emerged from a shared period of grief.  

My original intent for this gathering was to shine a light on the truth about how precious your life is. I’ve run this twice before, and each time, I’ve pushed, and pushed, from a loving space, to support my guests to confront their own BS. 


Well, I have a strong feeling that much of that work is being done for us right now, as we notice that the RULES we thought were concrete, the rules about how life works, what’s possible and permissable, have been torn up. 


What do we do with this new world view? Let’s face it- freedom can actually be pretty terrifying. The illusion that we have no choice but to put ourselves to the bottom of every list and pile going keeps us feeling nice and safe. A bit fed up, or reeeeaaallly miserable, but safe in familiarity all the same.

For some of us, the things we fear the most will have happened, and we will have survived them. When you suddenly realise your own resilience and resourcefulness, that you CAN be ok without the safety nets, what are you gonna do? FREAK OUT in overwhelm, revert to old habits just because it’s cosy there? Or step UP. 

Let’s face it, however we’ve fared through this, we will be feeling pretty fricking exhausted. I already am, to be fair, and it’s still March.

I invite you to join me on the November 2020: Space to Thrive Retreat, to reset, replenish and regroup.

A Weekend Experience At Creeksea Place Barns

6pm Friday 20th- 6pm Sunday 22nd November

Check out the venue here.

I stayed in these luxury barns when I got married, and I’ve been desperately seeking a reason to return ever since. (I hosted 2 sold out retreats there in November 2019 and January 2020, and it was everything I remembered and more). It’s the most beautiful place, and since then, they’ve upgraded with a small gym and spa that you’ll have access to.

If you’re like SHOW IT TO ME, click here to head to a 4 minute lowdown and summary from the people who were there the first time. (Schedule of activities is different this time, please see below).

What’s Included?

2 nights of luxury accommodation in your choice of your own, or shared room, subject to availability.

All of your meals and snacks. (Feedback about food the last two rounds has been 100% brilliant!)

Gym and spa access (as detailed within link, available 6am-8pm Saturday and Sunday).

Friday evening reiki meditation and (none naked) intentions ritual.

Targeted group masterminding sessions with me on the Saturday. It’s gonna get confronting and disruptive, in the most loving way, as you begin to acknowledge some truths.

Finishing off Saturday evening with Yoga Nidra- essentially- yogic sleep- with Kerry Conway. BLISS.

SO excited to let you know that Maggie Nolan (plus one) of Start With A Yes will be joining us to facilitate our Sunday session! If you’ve ever been to one of their sessions before, you’ll know to expect TRANSFORMATION. They bring you into the present in a way that is initially terrifying, and then entirely liberating. You will finish up that day knowing that it’s not only fine to fail, it’s fun. I know, you don’t believe me, but you will.

SPACE to thrive.

Whatsapp group to get connected to your fellow space makers before and beyond the retreat. 

You can expect to feel seen, heard and understood by other awesome women who want to think greater about themselves, their lives, the world and their impact on it.

You can expect to leave with a renewed connection to yourself and your purpose, feeling refreshed, relaxed, motivated and clear.

I expect to hear a tonne of, “I cannot believe I never realised this before. I’m going for it.”

What’s The Investment? Depends…

Shared Room ( 3 spaces remain available) £747

Own Room (4 spaces available) £947

What Are The Payment Terms?

You can pay in full, of course! And if you do, you’ll receive a 10% discount. Credit cards are accepted.

Or as follows…

£947: Deposit of £142 plus 7 monthly payments of £115

£747: Deposit of £96 plus 7 monthly payments of £93


I’m gonna challenge you here. I know there will be some of you for whom this is ABSOLUTELY out of reach right now. But there will also be some of you who feel this tingle. This, “could I?” excitement rising up, before, “No of course I can’t!” kicks in. I wanna ask you whether it’d be a yes or no if this was a friend’s hen weekend, or a partner’s birthday treat. I wanna invite you to consider whether it’s about can or can’t, or about what you consider to be socially acceptable to spend money on. What could be more worthy of investment than your actual SELF? I’ve spent over £10k on retreats over the past 3 years, and it’s an investment I’m sure I’ll make every single year, because I cannot put a value on that space. I deserve the transformation. You? 


Amazing. Hit me up with your preference re room type, and how you’d like to pay, (you can send me Qs there too), and I’ll arrange auto invoicing for you.