I know, I know, it’s only just May, but for people like me that means it’s nearly summer holidays which means it’s nearly September, so here I am giving all of us as much time as possible to think this through.

Introducing my September 2022 Mastermind

This could be for you if:

You can recite every piece of life changing advice on instagram but your life isn’t changing much. You ‘know’ what you ‘should’ be doing to grow your business, or have a better experience of your day to day life, but you simply cannot sustain it, or even get started on it some days. 

You chastise yourself for procrastinating, being unproductive and easily distracted. You can’t seem to follow through like you used to- there’s always something standing in your way. You’re fucking exhausted. Yes, it’s the doing, but it’s also all the thinking about things. All the things that are wrong with this world, all the ways you’d like to be making a bigger contribution to change. If only you could get your own life in order- you know you’d be an amazing conduit for resources if you had the time and energy.

You’re not even hung up on making magnificent moves right now- perhaps you are unsure exactly what you want, or you’re rethinking what it even means for you to be successful. Mostly you wanna get some kinda reliable rhythm back. You want life to feel spacious and secure.

You’ve struggled with schism upon schism (my fave word I’ve learned in this era), and the places where you can relax into a sense of belonging are fewer and further between than ever.

You don’t know why we are all acting like things are back to normal, when so much has changed, there’s been little chance to process it all, and you are trying to get to grips with who you are now and what matters most.

Tools, tricks, hacks etc that you used to turn to aren’t working for you any more. You’re starting to see how so much of mainstream mindset coaching/ girl boss feminism/ spiritual biz advice is incompatible with your values and the reality of our lives.

Here’s how I will put you in complete control of your life in three easy steps! (JOKES). I’m inviting you to expand your self belief with my support…

You might be thinking- what’s self belief got to do with it- society is falling apart, and now I have to try harder to believe in myself? Not try harder babes, try something different- addressing the root causes of your struggles. Any exploration of root cause has to include the way that systems of oppression have us spinning and sinking, as well as your individual lived experiences informing your Self Doubt.

When I talk about expanding your self belief, I’m talking about increasing your tolerance for ambiguity, and your capacity to influence the world around you (in ways big and small). I’m talking about including the relevant circumstances in all of our considerations, so that you can navigate them from a place of realism, rather than gaslighting yourself.

You might be thinking, I have self belief, it’s just, well… ‘she believed she could, but she couldn’t stop procrastinating, so she didn’t’. Babes- procrastination may signify a lack of self trust. This is a totally understandable condition to be in given *gestures broadly* EVERYTHING. Together, we can work on rebuilding your trust in yourself by honouring your needs, practicing self- compassion, gathering evidence of your capabilities, and encouraging you to practice keeping simple promises to yourself.

You might be thinking- I’ve achieved big things in my life already- obviously I already have Self Belief! Ok sometimes I do. Or where I don’t, it’s because I’m objectively not good enough to do/ have/ be something. Hmmm. We are not as objective as we think we are. In fact, we are barely objective at all.

AND Self Doubt is incredibly context sensitive. You may have flown through other phases of your life with genuine confidence- perhaps even things that others might consider harder than your current circumstances. The thing is- development is not linear, or logical.

And the part of us that seems to be sabotaging us (but is actually striving to keep us safe from psychological risk) has had more to play with than ever before during Covid times. It’s no wonder we are feeling lots of feelings, and lacking clarity and motivation.

Babes. Let me get to it. The Mastermind Groups I’ve been running since August 2020 have been some of my fave work I’ve ever done. 

  • The connection & cohesion
  • The gentle expansion into possibility
  • The freedom to meet the needs of each woman as they’ve arisen, without being bound to a curriculum or one size fits all agenda

“It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and equip me with tools to handle trolls. It educated me on how to best communicate matters/issues, gave me a huge volume of information to continue to build my learning. It held me accountable for progress on my own goals and led me to consider other ways of tackling issues that were presented to me. It didn’t feel high pressure to reach targets but definitely helped give me momentum towards my plans.

Just a huge thanks, I never know exactly what I’m getting when I work with you, but I just have this little feeling like ‘I need a bit of Keri now’ and it always gives me the push I need. I’ll always be back for more, when the feeling is back!”

Charlotte Wood, Financial Planner & Community Builder

Until January, I had been running these groups for just a few months at a time. And yet. I’ve kept having this niggling feeling, and I’d been waiting for the wisdom to make it from my body to my brain. Turns out…

The niggle was saying, “more please”. More space for life. More time. More integration. More depth. More familiarity so that my coaching is even more effective. More diversity of experience would be amazing. 

The niggle also whispers, “less please”. Less pressure. Less urgency. Less demand, as these ambiguous times roll on and on. Less need for people to ‘make the most of it RIGHT NOW’, even when life has other ideas. 

Babes, I don’t wanna rush through your needs, your learning, your desires in 3 months. I want to take a whole trip around the sun with you. All the seasons of your life witnessed, held and supported. The strategies we co-create being tested and refined, together, as your life presents it’s challenges in the way that life does. Layer upon layer of unconditional positive regard. You having experiences of feeling accepted and valued and celebrated, regardless of your output or outcomes. 

I know that it’s a lot sexier if I say- I’m gonna teach you a 5 step system to make more money- FAST! I’m gonna take you on an intergalactic adventure to your best life! That stuff is technicolour, practically orgasmic. Whereas what I’m offering you is more grey. More grounded. Also more real. 

Babes. Marketing this experience by telling the whole truth about it- that whilst there may well be big realisations, many parts of is will feel subtle and gentle, that there are no specific visible guaranteed outputs, and that it will take time and energy to bring a new perspective to life- it’s everything we’ve been taught not to do.

But I trust that you are smart enough to work out that…

whilst we have so much in common in our experiences of the past couple of years especially, we also have very different needs and desires. (And babes, this is so important to remember, because that Patriarchal conditioning wants us to believe that we all wanna win at the same game of life, so that we compete with one another, fiercely, to acquire scarce resources and status).

And so, a fully formed, pre- planned curriculum has its limitations. I am unwilling to tie us to a weekly topic for as far ahead as August 2023 when the group might yearn for something else.  Instead, I will offer you a monthly workshop (which I will float with the group beforehand, and/ or you can make specific requests), with the space around them spent exploring your needs as they come along. This is the kind of organic, responsive approach I use with my 1:1 clients, and original Mastermind groups, and it allows for much more meaningful growth. (Examples of workshop content below).

“It would be hard to quantify the meaning of the time, but your level of support, expertise and care is second to none.”

Ashley Parker, Relationship Therapist

What are these workshops gonna be then Kezza?

Babes, month by month, I am going to help you get better acquainted with all of your selves. That’s not a typo. You contain multitudes. The inner work we do together is going to increase your tolerance for the complexity life keeps presenting us with, support you to move through conflict (rife, right?) with more peace, and expand your capacity for personal development. We are going to be exploring the space between your self- doubt, and self- belief, so that the root causes of the challenges you face in your life and business can be permanently addressed. 

(For example, to give you an idea: The workshops I’ve run for my current group have included Introducing the Self Belief Framework (which is evidence based and trauma informed), Conflict Styles and Navigation, Our Relationships with Belonging, Cultivating Self Leadership- each in response to what’s come up for the group).

Can’t you just tell me what to do though?

Not gonna lie, sometimes, a bit, probably. The way I work is a blend of coaching, mentoring and teaching. So whilst I can’t tell you how to ‘fix’ your self doubt, or how to love and accept yourself wholly and completely by tomorrow at 2pm, I can share tried and tested methods re running a small biz. I know how to build community, to communicate values, to create engaging content, etc. And I will happily offer all of that up, with your consent. But, much of the time I will offer you nudges, reflection points and encouragement towards your own wisdom, so that you can decide what do for yourself, and build self trust that remains with you beyond our time together.

What other sessions will we have?

Group Coaching on Zoom twice each month. You can come to the whole of both sessions, or drop in and out. I know for sure that witnessing each other being coached, and offering support and solidarity builds both confidence and cohesion, but also that life is full. You decide what’s best each time. This is actual group coaching- not *just* take it in turns in front of the group, it’s more collaborative and dynamic.

The calls will be recorded and available to the group within 48 hours. Live coaching calls will usually take place on Thursdays at midday, but occasionally may need to flex with notice. Calls will typically run for 2-2.5 hours.

We will also have monthly Biz Shiz Call on a Wednesday. This is something I introduced for my current group a few months in so that we had space devoted to talking strategy, social media, ethics, pricing, and all kinds of biz decisions, and it’s working well.

How will you support me in between workshops and group coaching calls?

We will be in contact via the trusted medium of the whatsapp group. During school term times, I will be checking in a couple of times per day during school hours. (I will continue to be available generally during school holidays, but will give you notice of some days or weeks off, because this is a whole year, and I gotta have breaks to be at my best).

Conversations in this space might include following up from workshops or coaching calls- seeking further clarity or support, or simply sharing your reflections. It could also include asking for help with something that has arisen in your life or business that day. You will also experience one of my love languages there on the regular- BOOK AND PODCAST RECOMMENDATIONS. Speaking of this…

I’m including a book club with a difference!

Babes, I fucking love to read- I know lots of you do too, but struggle to commit the time. The difference with this book club is that you don’t have to read it! You’re welcome to, obvs, and I would love it if some of you did. But each month, you can turn up with a G&T or a cup of tea and listen to me and whoever else read it talk about what we learned and enjoyed about the book. This has been so well received by my current group, where we have been mixing up learning and fiction, and having some great conversations. Again, these conversations will be recorded and shared with the group.

How many women are gonna be in this group?

A maximum of 8.

What else?

Four times each month, we are going to meet online for (optional) yoga classes. Some will be with my brilliant bud Keira, an experienced accessible yoga teacher. They are a fellow member of All Rise Collective, and I have been yearning to be in front of them on a mat since Covid struck and their weekly classes stopped. Some will be with another awesome teacher and pal of mine, Kerry. They each bring a different style and perspective to their classes, and the feedback is always great. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have created this entire programme to facilitate my own practice. I DO ALSO LOVE paying people I share values with to work in a way that suits them around their kids too.


Everyone will get a 90 min 1:1 Coaching Call with me to be taken any time during our work together, usually charged at £300.

Is that all you’ve got?

OF COURSE NOT! This is my fave bit. We are going to meet, in person, and mark the Spring Equinox. We are going to have a beautiful brunch (food and drink included in your investment) at a lovely Central London location, and bask in the brilliance of all we have co-created thus far on MONDAY 20th MARCH 2023.

But who even are you to hold this space Kezza? I like watching you dick about on instagram, but why would I trust you with this?You decide babes.

You can click here to read about what clients say about working with me.

And you can click here to get my take on who I am, my background and level of experience. I started my business in 2013, and have been coaching and mentoring other business owners since 2017.

Annnnnd the home page of the site offers more insights into my developmental coaching style.

This is the link to the Self Belief Coaching Academy which is the 6 month coach training programme I started in 2020. It’s an ICF CCE Programme for coaches with experience. (I’ve been working with the tools and techniques for about 18 months now, and am certified in this framework). Having a good look at this will provide good insights into how I work.

If you’d like to actually speak to someone who is enrolled in the current round of this Mastermind programme, I can try and arrange that for you, just ask.

What’s the investment? 

The investment is £3600 for the 12 month programme, and payment plans are available at no extra cost. 

Options include, but are not limited to:

£300 deposit, and 4 quarterly payments of £825

£300 deposit and 12 monthly payments of £275

£300 deposit and 15 monthly payments of £220

I would prefer not to extend beyond 15 months ideally, because I know as a client it doesn’t always feel good to go on making payments for something long after completion of the programme, but I am open to having conversations about what makes this accessible for you. Payments can either be made via GoCardless, or Stripe.

Isn’t that more expensive than last time? 

Yes babes. Last time, I was offering a medium sized programme with up to 20 participants. This time, I am capping the group size at 8. The change in price reflects this, plus the additional sessions I’m including- the Monthly Biz Shiz Call, plus the 2 additional yoga sessions each month.  

Is there any option to pay less?

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about how I practice fairness, including being fair to myself. So how I hold in balance

  • valuing my work- my skillset, my training, my experience
  • being available to my kids outside school hours so I can parent in alignment with my values
  • being available (time and energy wise) for my voluntary work and grassroots activism in my community
  • being financially secure enough to show up to my life & work regulated and present
  • valuing my vision for my life, and my need for space, rest and play
  • considering the accessibility of my work

My workshops and short courses will always have ‘pay what you can afford’ options, and this will continue to include free access for those who need it. I will continue to deliver what I believe is high quality free learning content through my weekly emails. Sometimes I will run something and donate all the money to our Community Care Bank, as I did recently with over £900 raised by the Mindset: But Make It Feminist workshop.

This Mastermind group is a key part of meeting my own financial needs to support my family, my anti- poverty activism, and other factors I mentioned above. I have some capacity to be flexible, but this is limited for this format, in order for my work to remain sustainable. 

Please detail any requests on the bottom Q of the application form, and I will consider them carefully. You are welcome to include info about any potential for skills swapping, of course it will need to be something that I need, so please don’t be personally offended if I don’t take you up on it.

If you would like recommendations for other, less expensive ways to access my work, or another coach I can vouch for who could have something that’s a better fit for your needs, please feel free to email or DM me.

I don’t think there are any perfectly ethical ways to run a business in a late stage Capitalist society, but I’m working on giving it a decent go. 

I want to apply 

I’m building this group through an application process so that you and I take appropriate, shared responsibility for making sure that this programme is the right fit for you. Completing the application should take no more than 20 minutes. (You might want to look at it, go away and think about it, then come back and fill it out). There are no trick questions, you can just tell me what’s what.

This will be followed up with a 30 minute call to make sure we are understanding one another clearly. If we both decide to go ahead, you’ll receive a personalised agreement outlining features of the programme, expectations and agreed  payment terms for your approval. 

You’ll have 14 days to change your mind following payment of the deposit, and return of the agreement, providing the work has not yet begun. Once the work has begun, no refunds or cessation of the agreement will be given unless there are exceptional circumstances, so please invest with intention. (This will all be detailed in your agreement, and does not affect your legal rights).

I proactively offer regular opportunities to give feedback about your experience (detailed below), but in the very unusual event that either of us is unhappy with working together, and we believe it cannot be resolved, I will always seek to find a solution that is fair to all parties on a case by case basis.

A year is a LONG time. How and when do I get to give feedback?

One of my favourite rhythms I’ve put in place in my work over the last couple of years is that of regularly, proactively seeking feedback from my clients. Babes, I WANT TO GIVE YOU AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. This does not mean, of course, that your wish is my command- there have to be boundaries. But I am keen to hear from you about how the programme is working for you, any barriers to your full participation, which parts you love the most so I can aim to replicate whatever thrills you about them, etc. 

Around every 2 months I will invite you to complete a feedback form, and soon afterwards I will let you know about any tweaks I’m making in response, or why some things might not work for me.

Furthermore babes- this act of giving feedback and being met with healthy interest is a great self belief building practice.

One more thing…

Everyone who joins my Mastermind groups is invited to join my alumni community as our work concludes. This includes a complimentary monthly group coaching call, and access to our yoga classes for as long as I continue to run this programme.

I’ve got questions! 

You can drop me an email at hey@kerijarvis.com, or DM me on instagram (I’m not there much at weekends, so bear that in mind please).

We begin in September, 2022, and complete in September 2023.

I will confirm the exact dates, and provide a schedule for the first quarter in the coming weeks, but the outline is as described above.