Self Paced Workshops

Babes, I’ve got a few banging, self paced options for you, covering some of my favourite topics. 

Click here. This series will take you through the 4 facets of a more audacious life.

  • Acknowledging and asking for what you want
  • Appearance Ambivalence
  • Availability for Abundance
  • Alliance with Others

Bonus EFT session to help you along

Plug me in when you with you could summon the audacity to decline. 

I’m reminding you that saying no can be the ultimate kindness, and that no one agrees to pay the price of our resentment when we take on more than we want to.

Click here. This workshop will allow you to see abundance through fresh, audacious eyes.

  • A 7 step process to interrogate your relationship with abundance across all facets of your life
  • Over 40 suggestions for infusing your life with more abundance
  • Clarity about what stops us

Bonus EFT session to help you along

Babes, take a click through for the deets on the next round, and join the waitlist if you fancy it.

This 3 month Mastermind is a brilliant way to combine intimate support from me with the kinda peer support we might think we can only dream of. 

I attract some absolutely banging humans. You’re welcome to join us.