Available For Abundance: Workshop


Babes. You cannot get poor enough, knackered enough, depleted enough to save the world.

This one hour workshop is both a plea, and a permission slip. Nourish yourself. Allow yourself to receive. Even though it goes against all of our conditioning as women.

“Who does she think she is with her feet up? With her prices up? Turning her nose up?”

Wanting more and better does not make us ungrateful for what we have. It makes us grateful for all the possibilities.

Allow me to make my case- a generation of well rested, nurtured, joy infused, satisfied, connected women will change the world. Therefore, if you care about other people, it’s your moral duty to get abundant AF.

And I’m gonna teach you to make yourself available for it.

More deets below…



The deets:

Monday 19th October at 10am.

Zoom link and password will be received within your purchase note.

Replay to go out within 24 hours.

This workshop is recorded, so you are advised to remain muted and without video if you do not wish to be captured.

Bring a pen and your fave notebook. Light a candle. But your best biscuits in preparation. make it an occasion. This is how it starts- AVAILABILE FOR ABUNDANCE.


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