Spring Fling

Babes, do you fancy it? Work with me 1:1 from April- mid July (the summer hols start Friday 19th here) and it looks like this…

Developmental Coaching with an Intersectional Lens, Thought Partnership, Mentoring, and an Invitation to be Held in Community

  • A day together (on zoom) to begin. Usually, the morning is spent on exploratory work around the self (why am I like this?! what would need to be different?! oh wow I really am actually making much more sense to myself now, etc), and the afternoon on strategising and planning, but the sessions are dynamic & responsive to your needs
  • Six 60 minute 1:1 calls for you to book when you need during the period (with recordings if you like & my notes to keep)
  • Monthly Community Calls with my Feminist Biz Owner pals where we share ideas, frustrations, resources and lolz about business, life and the world (AND these will continue in the summer hols beyond our 1:1 work)
  • One of my Study Groups during our period of work together, whichever you fancy, on me
  • BONUS one off 1:1 with me to take in September when the back to school energy kicks in and you need to be refreshed, refocussed and reminded of anything we have covered

This Might Be For You If…

  • You run a business, you’d like to be moving through the world in more integrity with your feminist values (in business and in life),
  • you’re not sure the versions of success presented to us in our society and particularly online make sense for you,
  • you’re interested in evidence based developmental work that acknowledges material reality,
  • maybe you’re a bit lonely in some of this

I could support you with things like…

  • the culture you create in your business- equity, consent, etc
  • your relationships with clients, partners, collaborators- boundaries, self advocacy, etc
  • pricing and packaging your work for a sustainable business in the context of your life, and what the market can bear
  • visibility- grounding into your whole self, breaking out of the cookie cutter approach that means we sound like everyone else on instagram
  • excavating buried and forgotten strengths
  • repairing relationships with imagination and ambition through a feminist lens
  • relaxing into community
  • exploring feminist thinking and how you’d like to apply it in your life

Training and Scope:

The Self Belief Coaching Developmental Model I work with has been adapted by Sas Petherick from Bachkirova (2013). My training with Sas in her Self Belief coaching Academy is evidence based, trauma informed and accredited at ICF CCE level. You are welcome to have a look at the details of that training here to give you a greater sense of what I’m bringing.

I have a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership Through Behavioural Science issued by the London School of Economics and Political Science after completing their course with an “exceptional” mark.

I’m also in training with Optimus Coach Academy working towards ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation. 

I work with clients to

  • Expand their Self Concept
  • Improve the Quality of their Perception
  • Make a Subject- Object shift around behaviours and identity (for themselves and the way they perceive others)
  • Utilise a model of Multiplicity of the Self to support desirable changes in behaviour
  • Develop their Political Consciousness

More importantly (I think…)

  • I’m a Charity Co-Founder, working directly on the day to day running of our service in collaboration with our Trustees, volunteers, partners & service users. Although we have been forced to register to access necessary funding, we continue to run in alignment with our grassroots origins, focussed on radical empathy and the redistribution of resources. e.g., everyone is unpaid, this is truly a labour of love.
  • I’m a Community Activist, deeply invested in feminist issues in our community and globally. Solidarity with oppressed groups is the site of my greatest learning about relation and courage.    

Pricing and Payment

This package is priced at £1500 and if you are able to make payment in full it supports my security and is appreciated.

And also, non-punitive payment plans up to 12 months are available and you are warmly invited to select a timeframe that fits your needs.

What next?

If you’ve got Qs you are welcome to DM me on instagram, email me hey@kerijarvis.com or book a chat with me here. 

If we decide to go ahead and work together you’ll receive an agreement for your approval before making the first payment.