Business: But Make It Feminist.
Cohort 2 is Open!

Live calls begin on September 6th. DUE TO ILLNESS, NEW START DATE IS SEPTEMBER 20th. Scheduled slots remain same with a final session to be scheduled for January. Full schedule here.

Some experiences Cohort 1 have shared here.

Let's get you, your work and your contribution to change EMBOLDENED, ENLIVENED, ESTABLISHED.

When you allow yourself to consider how you might move from ‘business as usual’ to a more feminist approach, I wonder if you feel alone, overwhelmed, beaten before you begin, hopeless, fearful, despairing, disempowered, lost. It’s too complicated. It’s too contradictory. It’s too hard. It’s pointless. I’ll end up skint. People are gonna take advantage of me. People are gonna think I’m virtue signalling. People are gonna think I’m judging them. People are gonna think I think I’m better than them. People are gonna think I’m soft. People are gonna think…

You’re not the only one who feels this way, exhausted by the push and pull of surviving this late stage patriarchal capitalist shitshow without perpetuating its norms. 

Hot Take: just because we can’t do it perfectly, doesn’t mean we should just give up and give in. That’s all part of it right- the systems tell us, if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. ACTUALLY- if something is worth doing, it’s worth experimenting with. This sense that we can only move forwards when we know exactly how it could work perfectly is keeping us stuck and ashamed.

Stuck and ashamed might be experienced like…

I hope no one notices... if I just stay very still, hopefully no one will notice I'm operating like this. But I will have to carry on operating like this forever because if I make changes, people might notice how I was operating before, and then they will know I am not wholly and thoroughly 'good'.

AND ALSO- if I do make changes, and I communicate them, I’m going to be judged by people who think I think I’m morally superior AND/ OR they are going to think I am judging them so my relationships are at risk and there are already so few places where I experience belonging and so maybe it really is better to just carry on as I am.

But also swallowing down my values all the time doesn't feel good. It's like the words I do not say catch in my throat and the weight of them sits on my chest.

Do you ever feel like you wish you didn’t know as much as you do? I get a fleeting sensation of this desire from time to time.

And then I think, “no actually, imagine not knowing”. Imagine not having the luck and the grit and the privilege of being able to hold a vision of a better world. Because we would not be angry or frustrated or irritated by this stuff if we did not know there are alternatives.

And I invite you to consider- carrying on as we are is not neutral. It has an impact on others, and an impact on us as business owners, community members and humans.

Babes, making a decision to integrate your feminist values into your business is no joke. 
It’s about so much more than practical changes. It necessitates a reckoning with ourselves and our beliefs. Let’s do it anyway, together.

Business: But Make It Feminist

Let's get you, your work and your contribution to change EMBOLDENED, ENLIVENED, ESTABLISHED.

You are invited to join me for this combination of

  • thought partnership
  • resource and experience sharing
  • supported implementation and experimentation
  • developmental coaching

The Promise Is Not…

Outsource your thinking to me! I will teach you a 5 Step System to resolve all your concerns and ps abundance pps proven framework ppps nailed it

The Promise Is That I Will Create The Conditions For You To…

  • Participate in a care-fully held, collaborative process (this, in itself, a feminist way to learn) where synergies are inevitable
  • Ground into a co-created community of feminists-in-progress in business, a place to belong
  • Build the bravery to imperfectly, increasingly bring your values to life in your business and beyond 
  • Expand your capacity to navigate the duality of our realities as socially conscious business owners- feet on the ground in the world that we live in, eyes on the world that we long for
  • Access the sort of peace we experience when our internal and external experiences of ourselves are lining up, and we don’t need to expend energy covering parts of what we are doing up
  • Embrace your need to be a well resourced feminist in a hostile society without veering into bypassing and money worship
So that you can experience integrated growth & increased self trust that’s yours to draw from forever.

"Keri’s abilities as a coach are well worth the investment of the mastermind, she is incredible at what she does. Her humanity and thirst for justice bring such a unique flavour to the insights she brings to each of our challenges and questions. I can’t quite put it into words the difference that being part of this mastermind has made to my life, it has changed me in what feels like very subtle ways yet shows up in quite bold positioning in my business (and my relationships if I’m being honest)."

The Business, The Feminist and The Body Of Work

We will be taking care of all three here. 

  • HOW YOU DO BUSINESS. Establishing your own feminist business approach for the present via workshops like “How Not To Perpetuate Capitalist Norms” and “Creating a Consenting Culture” we will work towards a living model that you can feel secure in and excited about.
  • WHO IS DOING BUSINESS. Emboldening you via developmental coaching around topics like navigating conflict and criticism.
  • WHY YOU DO BUSINESS. Enlivening you and your work via connection to your utopia. We will be seeking clarity about how your body of work (as in the actual skill you sell) supports your equitable aims and how you bring them to life outside of your biz too.

Throughout our time together, you will develop

  • Your discernment- the capacity to decide what makes sense for you and your biz right now
  • Your sense of self acceptance- experiencing my unconditional positive regard as you give it a good go, practicing offering yourself this same grace
  • Your belief in your capabilities- by bravely experimenting at the edges of your comfort zone

Throughout our time together, we will create

  •  A living model for your feminist business culture – this will be your grounding foundation and your guiding star. My experience suggests that when we establish what we ARE doing, (and perhaps we are able to share that) we feel much more comfortable with the inevitable gaps and misses along the way
  • A body of resources and tools to refer back to on an ongoing basis
  • A collective where our efforts are witnessed and our convictions are bolstered

The Format

I’ve tweaked the format of the programme following learnings and feedback from Cohort 1 so that our work together can be even more supportive and effective.

Rather than 7 live workshops, I am preparing for you 7 mini-workshop clusters, pre-recorded with supportive written resources. From September through to the Christmas Break we will alternate weekly between releasing a new cluster and having a live call to navigate what emerges from them. There will also ne an initial Connection Call for the Cohort, and a Consolidation Call to round off this period of work. The full schedule including details of each workshop can be found here.

Our calls are on Wednesdays on Zoom at 9.30am London time for this thought partnership or developmental coaching support.

We gather in our Mighty Network space between calls when we want to discuss, share or seek support.

(I take time off in school holidays and on U.K. Bank Holidays).

We continue in this rhythm until the Christmas Break. 

Beyond this… Once you’re in, you’re in!

You will retain access to the workshop materials for as long as I am running the programme.

You’ll remain in the Meet: And Make It Feminist community– a place in my Mighty Networks space where all cohorts can connect, and where I will be regularly available to give input and offer support.

Once per month there will be a live coaching & thought partnership call for as long as I am running the programme. 

(If for any reason I call time on the programme, I will give you a minimum of 3 months of ongoing calls).

The Price & Accessibility

The Price of the Programme is £950.

Payment in full is welcome, and there are non-punitive payment plans available

up to 10 monthly payments of £95, (or whatever else supports you).

If you’d love to participate, but cannot afford this rate, please drop me an email letting me know what you could afford to pay. My capacity to offer reduced rates on this programme will depend upon the level of uptake at the full price, particularly as me and my business recover from an extended period of illness, and a time of high demand in my unpaid community activism work.

Commitment To Payments, and Refund Policy

We are both humans trying to navigate late stage patriarchal capitalism as best we can- let’s be fair to each other.

I invite you to commit to this programme only if that feels safe and comfortable for you- you have enough information about it and about me, you’re not concerned that making the payments will put you under financial strain, you’re excited about making a contribution to this collective learning experience at least for the duration of our initial period of work together. 

If you experience unforseen circumstances, or if for some reason we find that we are not working well together, of course I will treat you as an individual human and we will seek to resolve challenges with payment and participation in ways that feel reasonable to both of us. I have a solid track record on this, which I can’t really demonstrate, because it would be weird to ask people to testify to this given the nature of the issues.

And also, I will ask you to consider the impact on me and my security if people simply change their minds about participating. Here, I return to- I’m not hyping you up, I’m not overpromising, I’m asking you to meet me in the shared responsibility of entering this agreement with me.

I will always make generous assumptions about you, and I’ll ask you to do the same for me.

None of this affects your statutory rights.

If you sign up for the programme and change your mind within 14 days BEFORE THE PROGRAMME BEGINS, you will be entitled to a full refund of any payments made.  

Shall We Sum Up The Practical Elements Here?

7 Mini-Workshop Clusters released fortnightly from September to December

7 Live Calls from September to December (Thought Partnership and Developmental Coaching)

Coaching & Collaboration in our Mighty Networks space in between sessions

Ongoing Monthly Group Calls, access to me, the resources and eco-system for the life of the programme in the Mighty Networks Space

PLUS- I am delighted to include two 1:1 Coaching Sessions. When booked separately, these sessions are £150 each, linked here for your reference

Fancy It?

Could you tell me more about working with you Kezza?

Yes I would love to! A little bit about me: 

  • Intersectional Feminist Developmental Coach
  • Anti-Poverty Community Activist
  • Founding Member & Trustee of All Rise Collective
  • Co-Chair of Southend Care Bank
  • mother of 2
  • born into a working class family, now living a middle class life
  • privileged (white, straight, cis, slim, non-disabled)

All of this impacts my views and my work. Remember- I do not pretend to be an expert feminist babes! There is info I can share, experiences I can recount, ideas I can offer, BUT ALSO a big part of this work together will be about guiding you towards your own discernment.

You can find more background info and context on my Meet Keri page here and my Work With Me 1:1 page here. You might also like to read some of my writing, or listen to me talking about this topic on this podcast episode.

Is this for me?

This could be for you if some of these reflect where you’re at…

  • You run, or would like to run a service based business
  • You value equity & consider yourself to be an Intersectional Feminist (or you would like to feel more confident in claiming that for yourself)
  • You would love to gather with people who see the world through a similar lens to yours
  • You sense that the discrepancies between your evolving values and the way your business runs is having a detrimental impact on you AND your biz
  • You’re sick of having your concerns bypassed or dismissed…
  • … and you wish you could feel less guilty about having a good life 
  • You’ve been to some of my workshops like Success: But Make it Feminist, or Mindset: But Make it Feminist, or Live Your Feminist Killjoy Life: But Make It Not Destroy All Your Relationships, and you’ve thought- I like this facilitation, these ideas are resonating with me

I have Qs...

How do you wanna ask them babes? You’re welcome to email me (, or DM me on Instagram either written or Voicenote form.

I'm ready!

Yay! Please click the relevant payment plan below to get started, or if there’s another payment plan option you’d prefer, please drop me an email

“Working with Keri this year has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my life. I started the year feeling burnt out and am ending the year feeling grounded and safe in who I am and my work in this world. Keri’s gentle, yet ‘confident/assertive’ (not sure which word i want to be using here) coaching has enabled me to enjoy playing around with different ideas and try different things without feeling pressure that I am ‘wasting time and should be productive’. As a result of Keri’s guidance and encouragement, I have loved being active once again in my own community, after a while of avoiding being involved in this kind of activism. Keri has a beautiful way of holding space, making you know that you matter and that you deserve to have the very best. I cannot thank Keri enough for her work and for the resources I now have available to me that will continue to help me to live a fulfilling life all the while keeping on with activism.”