Meet Keri

Hey, I'm Keri Jarvis

I’m a Developmental Coach, Intersectional Feminist & Community Activist.


  • A Northerner in Essex
  • A mother of 2 boys
  • A (formerly reluctant, now very enthused) football mum and Spurs fan
  • Of the radical opinion that everyone has the same right to have their basic needs met & live pleasurable lives
  • Proper basic taste in music (90s pop + Harry Styles only, anyone else?)
  • Charity shop fiend
  • Dingle, Ireland is my fave place in the world
  • Aldi’s vegan Blonde bar is the best thing I’ve ever tasted 

Here comes a selection of info about me. Other great ways to get to know me include reading my writing on the Blog section, and diving into my Instagram.

My Fave Podcasts (surely a good way to get to know someone)

  • Maintenance Phase
  • Pick me up, I’m Scared
  • Serial
  • The Moneyless Society Podcast
  • Upstream
  • Changes with Annie Macmanus

Approach to Coaching

For info on this, please head over to my Work With Me page where you’ll find details of my experience, certification and the measures I take to uphold a high standard in my Coaching practice.

Stuff Clients Say About Working With Me…

“It gave me the confidence to put myself out there and equipped me with tools to handle trolls. It educated me on how to best communicate matters/issues, gave me a huge volume of information to continue to build my learning. It held me accountable for progress on my own goals and led me to consider other ways of tackling issues that were presented to me. It didn’t feel high pressure to reach targets but definitely helped give me momentum towards my plans.

Just a huge thanks, I never know exactly what I’m getting when I work with you, but I just have this little feeling like ‘I need a bit of Keri now’ and it always gives me the push I need. I’ll always be back for more, when the feeling is back!”



I’m a Trustee and active member of All Rise Collective.

I spend around 20% of my available working hours doing unpaid labour for our Community Care Bank. It’s like a food bank, but we provide (new) essential toiletry items and redistribute pre-loved coats, clothing, toys, etc, and invite people to stay for hot drinks and the good biscuits.

As a feminist and socialist I am necessarily, vocally anti- Tory (online and on the streets). If this makes you uncomfortable, we will not be able to cultivate an appropriate coaching dynamic.

Something I LOVE TO DO is support my clients in working out what their contribution to social justice can be in their communities- via or alongside their work.

Fave recent (ish) reads…

  • The Grace Year by Kim Liggett
  • Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey
  • Smile or Die by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • We Need New Stories by Nesrine Malik
  • All fiction ever by Julia Crouch
  • Feminism, Interrupted by Lola Olufemi

Babes, I am a flawed feminist, as I believe we all are- spending our lifetimes unlearning White Supremacist, Patriarchal Capitalism.

Particularly, I believe it’s difficult to run a business in an Anti-Capitalist way in a Capitalist society, but I really am trying. I hold onto something I learned from Bear Herbert- paraphrasing- all of our efforts to live and work in an anti-Capitalist way are inherently experimental.

My successful experiments in my business include:

  • Non-punitive payment plans
  • No Early Bird Pricing
  • Limitless “pay what you can afford” options on all my workshops
  • A proportion of free or “pay what you can afford” spaces for my courses
  • Building demand without pushing ‘pain points’

Personally, I have needed to do a fair bit of disentangling from from the Individualistic-Toxic-Bordering- On- Cultish-Spiritual-GirlBoss culture that is prevalent in the spaces I used to belong to.

10 years ago I didn’t think we needed feminism any more because I earned more money than my husband.

5 years ago I thought I could pop to the Quantum Field for a few quid and that women like me (middle class, slim, straight, white, cis) being wealthy would have a ripple effect that would save the world.

Much has shifted. There are plenty of lessons still to be learned.

Finally, people I’ve learned from…

Babes, we are not, and can never be self- made. We are Community Made (or maybe money made…). I’d love to share with you the names of some of the people I’ve learned from.

Sas Petherick- my experience of her Self Belief Coaching Academy Certification was transformative

Nova Reid- taking her Courageous Allyship Course in 2020 made me think differently in ways I still reflect on now

Bear Herbert- they gave language to feelings I couldn’t articulate and their Freely course simplified some of the complexity of being Anti- Capitalist

Kelly Diels and Danielle Cohen- their Good Money Course was the talking to I needed after a hard year of anti-poverty activism in a cost of living crisis, and their practical tools are incredibly enabling

Outside of courses and trainings there are many more, of course. As I sit here worrying about who I might forget to mention if I start listing people, I resolve to get onto a comprehensive capture of all my influences and teachers through books, social media, emails, and conversations. 

Although I simply must name my co-conspirators in All Rise Collective as perhaps my greatest teachers in recent times.