Meet Keri

Hey, I'm Keri Jarvis, and I'm leading a reclamation of WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!

I’m a feminist, a socialist, a trained Self Belief Coach, A Mastermind Host, and a Speaker.

You might know me as someone who dicks about on instagram a fair bit, spouting feminist propoganda. You might nod and lol along to my stuff without really knowing much more about me. Maybe you like my reels, where I’m closing in on 1 million views (920,000 at time of writing- adding that up was a job and a half). But. Whilst it demonstrates that I know how to get attention, how to ask for what I want, and to do so with significant comfort levels in place, it doesn’t mean much if that’s all there is to it. So you can get to know me and how I have come to do this kinda work here…

I left my career in Retail Management and retrained when I had a baby in 2013, swapping sprouts and knickers for hypnobirthing courses, and teams of hundreds of people for me, myself and I.

I founded and developed Do It Like A Mother, (a company I sold in Feb 2020), largely via the magic of ATTENTION SEIZING.

Over 100 women have been through my group programmes Thrive Like A Mother, and Audacity: The Expansion, since I began mentoring, coaching and consulting for other small biz owners.

I recently trained with Sas Petherick’s Self Belief Coaching Academy, which has deepened my coaching style, and left me absolutely confident I’m operating in a trauma informed way.

Since consciously uncoupling from DILAM, and throughout these most bizarre times, I’ve been reflecting on who I am without it, and cultivating a personal brand that demonstrates that so that the best fit clients can find me. You can read about what some of those clients have to say here.

Babes, I’ve made a good living from my biz over these past 8 years. I’m not gonna start with the CONSISTENT £Xk MONTHS’ chat, because I haven’t done anything consistently through the Rona era. 

What I can tell you about my success story is that over the years, I’ve used the power of Attention Seizing to…

  • build and engage audiences
  • develop meaningful relationships with potential clients
  • earn money that’s made an enormous difference to our lifestyle as a family, and freed up some of my time and energy to be active on the issues I care about
  • connect with people who have enriched my life and biz
  • be told, repeatedly, that people have changed their world view significantly because of my influence (paying clients AND free community members)


Babes, let’s talk about that last one- because you and I both know that women who admit and demonstrate that they enjoy this kinda thing- being the centre of attention- are mocked, demonised, humiliated, and the rest, as described above.

And yet, it’s a basic human need to be witnessed and valued for your contribution. I want my contribution to come, at least in part, in the form of my ideas, and the way I express them. I refuse to be valued only as a source of unpaid childcare and household drudgery, or other activities that contribute to economic growth.

I have a lot of thoughts. I have a lot to say. And I’m sure you do too.

I’m also a mother of 2 boys (commonly referred to as the pigs/ piggies/ piglets), a Northerner (Yorkshire. Ok Doncaster), living by the sea in Essex, and a full time feminist killjoy.

I’m a trustee and active member of All Rise Collective.

I fucking love to read. Just finished ‘How To Kill Your Family’, which had one of the best endings ever, and served to amuse/ irritate/ concern my nearest and dearest milling around me as I turned the pages. 

Deep down, I’m instagram basic babes. I started growing veg this year. I painted my bannister pink. My house plants are very important to me. I just discovered a skincare routine in 2021. I’m predictably vegan. Etc, etc. You get it.


You will not like working with me if: You vote Tory. You are after a one size fits all, easy to follow system. You want to go straight to solutions without really understanding the problem. You don’t like swearing. You don’t like GIFs.

Want To Find Out More?

I’m happy to chat to you about how we may be able to work together and whether we’re the right fit. Just send me a message babes.