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A Bit of a Self Belief Boost

If you’re struggling to look directly at what’s stopping you from moving in the direction of your hopes and dreams, and you like delicious, nourishing food, read on…

Babes. I wonder if, after everything that’s gone on over the last 27 months and counting, you could do with a bit of something. A bit of support, a bit of coaching, a bit of a soft space to share with other small business owners who are wading through these ongoing wild times alongside you. A bit of lunch. Plenty of smoothies and coffee… Fancy it?

I was thinking this week that the only way to work with me at the mo is joining one of my 12 Month Mastermind Groups, and that this is too much of a commitment for so many people for all sorts of reasons.

So I’m offering this Group Coaching up…

One IRL Group Coaching session with me where I teach you a process that you can apply over and over when you notice you are not feeling able or willing to take action towards realising your hopes and dreams. Together, we will apply that process to a goal of your choosing, and I’ll coach you towards some doable steps. One month later, we will meet on zoom to share how you got on and give you any further input you’d like.

(And I’m calling it ‘A Bit of a Self Belief Boost’, which I know is *chef’s kiss*)

Tell me more…

Come to Leigh on Sea for the day, Thursday 7th July. We begin at 10am and conclude at 2pm at The Squeeze Cafe. We are spending our time together in a light and airy room, and the refreshments will flow. (I already know I’m having a Squash Bowl for lunch, and I would highly recommend).

The agenda…

  • Introduction to the Self Belief Framework of Developmental Coaching
  • Uncovering your Protective Beliefs relevant to the goal you bring along
  • Exploring your Protective Beliefs to uncover and agree some (actually) doable steps

Babes, this process is drenched in self compassion. There will be no “I’m so ridiculous for worrying about this”. Instead, we will work out why it makes complete sense that you are worried about this. This is likely to be rooted in both our individual experiences, and our shared lives within systems of oppression like patriarchy and capitalism, because that stuff shows up all over the place.

We will not be sending the parts of you that are afraid, tired and sad to sit quietly in the corner. We will be putting our arms round them, giving them a warm drink and seeking their consent to proceed together.

My intention is for you to come away feeling validated, reassured, emboldened and enlivened. Boosted, if you will.

How much do you want for it Kezza?

It’s £250 babes for the 4 hour group coaching session, lunch and non-stop drinks, and the follow up zoom.

There is ONE free space available for someone who cannot afford to attend, but is committed to fully engaging. Please drop me an email, if you’d like to access this space.

How many people will be there?

Minimum 3 to go ahead, maximum 6 (plus meeeeee).

How do I pay?

Payment links are here…

A one off payment of £250

Two payments of £125 (one month apart)

Squeeze Cafe, you say?

Click here for more on the venue babes. The nearest station is Chalkwell on the c2c line, out of London Fenchurch St. It’s a pleasant 13 minute ish walk overlooking the sea most of the way.

What should I bring?

Just a notebook and pen.

Is this a safe space for me?

I don’t believe in guaranteeing safe spaces babes, because I cannot possibly know what is safe for each person, and sometimes we have contradictory needs. This will be a feminist space- no one will be pressured to participate in anything they don’t want to, or to share anything they don’t want to. Your consent is paramount. You will receive my unconditional positive regard no matter what. This is a trauma informed space. At the start of the session, I will take you through some simple guidelines as to how to participate.

I’ve got other questions…

Let’s have them! You can DM me on instagram, or email me