New Way To Work With Me 1:1

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New Way To Work With Me for Feminist Business Owners

Something that’s really important to me is being in a rhythm around feedback with clients so that we meet one another as equals who co-create our dynamic. This starts before the work together even begins, and a lovely new client opened a portal in my mind about a way for us to work together that I think you might like.

Spacious, Responsive to Your Context, Somewhere to Return To

How’s about the components of my 3 month 1:1 package spread over around 6 months? 


  • a day (4-5 hours) together to begin
  • 6 60 min coaching calls
  • 1 consolidation session
  • 13 weeks of whatsapp support

And you choose when to take them between now and when my kids break up for summer hols (Friday 19th July). 

This could be ideal for people who

  • experience a degree of demand avoidance
  • know themselves to benefit from having somewhere they could turn even if they don’t actually need to at that time
  • want to make a commitment to themselves that includes coaching support
  • can experience energetic or logistical ebb and flow 
  • want to ground into intersectional feminist community

This package costs £1500 at the standard rate, and yes you can spread the payments over 6 months at no extra charge(or longer if you need to, email or DM me to work it out)

I’m also including

  • one of my book study groups of your choosing during our period of work together
  • monthly group gatherings with other feminist business owners for connection, collaborative thinking, and restoration

This package is available for January & February starts and to wrap up before the Summer Holidays (Friday 19th July for me)

You are welcome to start it a little later, but the cut off date for sessions will still be 19th July.

If we’ve done some work together before and you’re confident this is right for you, you don’t have to book a chat, you can just let me know you want it!

Email me or DM me on instagram if you prefer.

Scope, Standards and Suitability

You’ll find more detail on scope, standards and suitability on this fuller 1:1 page. 

What happens next?

Book a chat, email or DM me so we can decide if we are going ahead. If so, I’ll send you an agreement for your approval and will then set up your payments as per what works for us both.

Payment in full is very welcome, payment plans are non-punitive and available to suit you.

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