Navigating the Horrors

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As I write this, we are witnessing what appears to be the beginning of a state sanctioned genocide in Gaza.

If there was any part of you clinging on to Spiritual GirlBoss Mindset Shenanigans, may this be the day they die. Times like this mean we cannot fail to notice the cruelty embedded in law of attraction and similar ideas. I wonder if the quantum girlies could let me know what frequency 2 million people in Gaza should be trying to vibrate at in order to get the quantum field working to resolve this genocide for them. I wonder in what ways the universe has got their backs? I cannot fathom what “like” has attracted this “like”.

I realise this is a little more snippy of me than usual, but I’m allowing myself this edge in the circumstances.

And then I’m returning to some softness. It’s a practice, after all.

Again and again and again they tell us:

You’re an individual.

You are responsible for yourself.

And so is everyone else.

Try harder. Focus on yourself.

People generally get what they deserve.

It’s not realistic for everyone to have a decent, dignified life.

And we are coerced into living our lives on these terms.

Again and again and again parts of us resist.

Parts of us refuse the lie.

Parts of us transcend the delusions.

Parts of us know that we are one, beyond triteness, beyond bypassing, beyond borders.

Parts of us demand that we find the courage to embody the caring sentiments we are keen to express.

Parts of us demand that our hearts break open and allow each other in.

These parts of us are screaming and wailing to be witnessed and honoured right now.

Agony that emerges from our inherent connection to one another cannot be soothed in disconnection and isolation.

We cannot “self care” our way through the sense of helplessness we feel in witnessing state sanctioned genocide. And neither should we.

We must turn towards each other. Face it together. Weep together. Howl together. Collapse together. Rise together.

We must not coddle one another with talk of gratitude lists and turning off the news, if we are ever to experience the miracle we are seeking.

We will find it in our radically empathetic relationships with one another- within and across communities.

Yes- write to your MP. Go to a protest. Send money for medical aid. Amplify voices on the ground.

And also. Let your broken open heart lead you to practice being human outside of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy and imperialism in your own daily life.

Can you even imagine it? Parts of you can. Let them come to the front. Again and again and again.

Love and solidarity with all humans suffering the violence of domination, Keri x

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