What People Say, Business: But Make It Feminist

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I asked Cohort 1 to share their experiences, and I'm buzzing to share some of them with you here...

If you’re looking for info about joining the programme, you can find that here.

Maddy Shine

Maddy is a visibility coach for women in business with a sassy but soft approach. She’s helped thousands of female entrepreneurs with her trainings, courses and her Visible Vibes online community.

“I really value every conversation and interaction I have with Keri. I signed up to a workshop with her at the end of 2022 and realised that in 2023, I would have to invest in myself to work with her in a larger capacity. When Business But Make it Feminist opened its doors it was a no brainer to join. After having listened to her free content for a while, it was time.
Keri’s way of hosting and teaching is exploratory and always deeply fascinating. Sharing a space with others for this course was at first quite nerve wracking, as I was convinced I wasn’t feminist enough. But that’s the point! I really enjoyed learning from others, and having conversations in a feminist space that I have never been in before nor felt particularly welcome. 
Running a business as a woman is a radical act, and I would not want to do it alone. I highly recommend joining Keri’s Business But Make it Feminist course. I thought it would force me to change everything I do and I don’t have capacity for that. Instead, it was encouraging, inspiring and fun! I now have pals I can turn to and check in with, in a way that I didn’t feel I could trust in other courses. We have shared ethics and open minds and that can only ever be a good thing.

Working with Keri is a deeply nourishing experience. She is nothing but encouraging, and inspires me to make small changes that add up to brilliant outcomes. As a result, I am more open with my own community, I am able to show up in a more genuine way, I am more inclusive in my structures and communications, I hold better boundaries with my work, and I have deepened my practice of pioneering a new way of working.”

You can also listen to Maddy and I in conversation on my podcast here. 

Siobhan Strode

Siobhan is the intersectional feminist and socialist Word Witch and founder of This Sister Scribes. She helps creative business owners and coaches learn to weave magic through their copy, capture their own unique voice, and cultivate an audience of raving fans

“Working with Keri to figure out how I can make my business more feminist and really challenge myself on things I’ve been ignoring has been a huge game-changer. I’ve been self-employed for a long time now and I’ve been in Masterminds and worked with coaches (including Keri) 1-2-1, focused on growing my business and making it more sustainable. But this was an opportunity for something different.

Keri created a space where we could ask questions without fear of being cancelled or shamed for not knowing the answers. I count feminism as one of my brand pillars but I felt it was time I started having deeper conversations behind the scenes and really looking at how I’m doing things. 

Having worked with Keri multiple times over the last few years I knew I could trust her and that she’d bring together beautiful humans who give a shit about the world as I do. And THAT is the key here. We’ve all been in those group spaces where one person dominates or no one else really listens, they’re merely waiting for their turn to speak. Well BBMIF is a space where everyone can feel seen and heard, where your contribution (no matter how waffly) is valued.

Keri has this magical way of reflecting your thoughts back at you, with an additional perspective to consider or a reframe to cogitate on. She’s a wealth of knowledge but knows how to coax our wisdom out too to support each other. 

It’s been lush spending time with the other women in the Business: But Make It Feminist space, navigating these feminist waters and taking the plunge together where it might’ve felt unsafe before. Keri’s mix of self belief coaching, pragmatic business support and feminist activism is dynamite. 

During the first few weeks one of the topics we discussed was feedback. Are we asking for it? If not why not? How are we using it? And more. My RSD is mahussive. I hated asking for feedback. It filled me with dread. But this work with Keri made me see it in a different way and I’ve started asking for midway feedback in my group copywriting programme and am in the process of setting up automations to take away the scaries. It might sound small but this is just one practical change that’s come from this work.”

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