Kirstie Pinheiro

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In 2020, I gave away a space on a short group programme to an NHS worker- that person was Kirstie Pinheiro, and I’m so glad it worked out that way. It has been so brilliant getting to know her.

I won a competition for Keri’s Audacity: The Expansion course during the 2020 lockdown. In an alternate universe in which I didn’t work with Keri, I wonder if I’d have made such an important decision in my business.

Every session was like a soulful pep talk. Keri covered powerful topics with empathy and honesty. Her knowledge, alongside a community of like-minded women, provided so much value.

Above all, it’s clear that Keri wants the best for the women she works with. I love Keri’s openness, she is someone to trust. At the end of the 6 weeks I felt empowered and ready to start living a life more on my terms.

If you resonate with Keri’s philosophy and message, then you absolutely won’t regret working with her!

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