Irene Carson, Rethink Partners

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Irene Carson is the Managing Director of Rethink Partners, a unique transformation agency providing solutions for the health and social care sectors. It was an absolute treat to support her, and to observe her commitment to becoming even more of herself.

Over three months, Keri Jarvis worked in an insightful and integrated way with me that brought instant benefit to myself and my work.

She quickly understood my personal situation and my business, meaning she became a source of support for both me, and by association, my business partner.

She’s part enabler, part critical friend, part provocateur. She managed to time her prompts, questions, advice and tools for just the right moment – helping create the right conditions for positive transformation personally and professionally.

Keri is generous with her time and energy; timely with her support and encouragement – and compassionate with her challenge.

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