Emma Huggett, Monty’s Play Hub

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Introducing Emma Huggett of Monty’s Play Hub Fame. Emma is a Child- led Parental Guide. She’s a former teacher, and current homeschooler, sharing a Montessori approach with parents.

Working with Keri on and off for the last two years has completely changed my outlook on life as a whole, not just in my work. I went from being a lost mum, unsure where I fit into society and where my passion was, to launching a growing business.

She’s always been completely honest, supportive and encouraging. She has listened to me whine and moan and celebrated my wins with me too! Since working with Keri I have made some massive scary decisions which have paid off hugely! I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me over the last couple of years! I doubt I would be where I am without the push you gave me to live into my purpose and claim my dream life.

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