Mastermind Group- September

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It’s that time again! This is the fifth round of my brilliant & beloved way of working with an intimate group of absolute babes, co-creating safe, soft spaces where expansion is inevitable.

If you’re not sure what it’s about…

My plainest description would be-

An intimate way of working with me, where through coaching, mentoring and wholehearted peer support, we co-create the conditions for you to be as bold as you would like to be. It’s a place of unconditional positive regard, and it allows for agility in our approach.

The work is led by the needs of the group members, and is responsive to their evolving goals, ideas and challenges. Examples of things we have worked through in these groups have included

  • uncovering and interrogating the protective beliefs behind behaviours you might describe as ‘self sabotage’, and supporting a shift in perspective
  • pricing
  • boundaries in home life and in business
  • developing knowledge around feminist issues
  • clarifying service offerings
  • how to do instagram well
  • feedback & input on speeches for events, or sales pages
  • preparing for difficult conversations, and navigating conflict more broadly

The list is pretty endless- what I would love for you to understand is that nothing I have is off limits for you in this experience. My coaching skills and tools are yours, my mentoring hat is always ready to go on and my brain is yours for the picking.

Other deets you’re likely to be interested in…

I take between 4 and 6 women into each group.

There are usually a mix of product and service based business owners.

There is usually a variation of earnings- I don’t believe that people’s wisdom, abilities and/ or potential to contribute are reflected by their current income, and time and time again I am shown that this is true in the dynamics of the groups I get to work with. I find that the synergies can be gorgeously unexpected, as everyone brings so much more than even they initially realise.

Once again for this round I’m including a 1:1 bespoke session with Camilla Bevington, Mindful Marketing Consultant extraordinaire, (price if you book this £175, and as an integrity point, I’d like you to know I’m paying Camilla in full for her services to you babes).

Everyone gets an initial questionnaire, a 1:1 call with me, 7 fortnightly group coaching calls, and (possibly the best bit), a whatsapp group just for the small bunch of us, where we hold space for joy, fear, courage, and lolz, always lolz. Babes, we are fricking worthy of some lightness. There is voicenote coaching, there is idea sharing, and there are gifs and memes, obvs.

You probably know by now that I love to be ‘informal’, i.e., human. Alongside this, deeply integrated with it in fact, is respect, and of course, I will only invite people to join the group when I am confident that a respectful environment will be organic and inevitable.

It feels like the most abundant thing in the world when previous Mastermind members tell me how their whatsapp groups remain vibrant and safe, soft spaces.

I also host a small Facebook group for my Mastermind Alumni, including a monthly zoom group check in for anyone who wants to come. It’s a space of bountiful experience and brimming with values you are likely to share.

The investment to join the Mastermind is £2,222. I offer a 6 month payment plan. I also offer a 10% discount for payment in full, as it supports my cashflow, and reduces my administrative work.

If this is sounding like it might be for you, drop me an email and let’s book you in for a chat.

On our call, we will get to know each other a little more, I’ll get to hear about where you are at in your business, and what progress you are dreaming of, you’ll be able to ask me any Qs, and I’ll let you know if I think you, me and the experience are a good fit.

Once we’ve spoken, if you’d like to check in with previous Masterminders and hear about how it was for them, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Everyone who decides they’d like to join receives personalised terms and conditions to review and sign off before committing, and there is a 14 day cooling off period where you are able to cancel with a full refund, if we have not yet begun the work.

Babes- there will never be any weird pressure from me. I’m not into it. Partly because it’s obviously just not ok, but also selfishly- I WANT TO LOVE THIS WORK. I will not stand for anything less. This container is intimate, and I wouldn’t be able to love it if I’d dragged anyone along who was not a good fit. So rest assured, my lust for the juiciest experiences for myself will surely keep you safe!

Finally, you can read some experiences of working with me here for more context. These aren’t necessarily Mastermind clients, but they capture the style and tone of the work.

Thanks for reading, maybe speak to you soon, Keri x

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