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Babes, as I write this, I’ve just had the most riveting chat with Siobhan at This Sister Scribes. I fucking LOVE language, and I also love unapologetic, change making women. So this was, frankly, orgasmic.

She is no ordinary copywriter- she’s a Word Witch, (SPELL- ings, anyone?).

We covered everything from the origins of words like Madam, Mistress & Spinster, to the ways in which people who are ‘good at’ language and writing still screw up.

Getting to grips with telling your story in your web copy, your blogs, your insta bio even, is something that so many women in biz struggle with, and she is here to make it easy, and fun.

Whether you’re interested in copy coaching or not, this is well worth a watch or listen. I know you’re positively bedevilled with tasks (if you know, you know), but this is energising and thought provoking stuff.

Check it out here, and follow Siobhan on the gram here.

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