Who Do You Think You Are, Changing Your Mind?

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Babes, let’s get one thing straight- you are not married to the current iteration of your business.

No matter what you’ve done to get here, or who has supported you, or fallen in love with your thing or your brand, or their ideas about this version of you… THIS IS YOUR LIFE. And it’s safe for you to evolve. Nay, it is ESSENTIAL for you to evolve, if you’d like to maintain the joy and the passion that led you to start a business in the first place.

The ups and downs we’ve experienced this year have acted as clarifiers for lots of people. They’ve led us to ask, “which parts of our work and lives do we really value, and what feels like too much hard work?”

You’re allowed to change your goals, and your definition of success. I used to dream of building a MASSIVE community with my original business, Do It Like A Mother. So much was achieved so quickly, and I realised that this brand, this business, did not have the capacity to contribute to my vision for my life any longer. It wasn’t bringing me happiness, so it went to people who could breathe new life into it, and get reciprocol energy from it.

Obvs that sounds very simple, and it wasn’t at the time, but looking back a year on from starting the process of releasing that brand, it only gets clearer and clearer that it was the right move. Follow your feelings- they tell you the truth.

I really enjoyed having this conversation with Kerry Lyons on The Imperfect Life Podcast, where we talked a bit about this pivot, and a whole load of other stuff. Check out some of the other episodes too (she has had so many brilliant guests), and share with your pals who wanna go from day job to dream job.

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