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Scared of Success?

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(If you’re already like YES I AM, and wanna dive straight in, hit this link to listen to my podcast episode with Alice Benham on this topic).

If you’re thinking, why would I be afraid of success? Read on…

Let me get this straight- there are many people who will be feeling like THIS YEAR has kept them separate from success over and over again. If that’s you, I’m sending you massive booms of empathy and love.

(It’s been a mixed bag for me. A bag of retreat refunds, of record months, of failed launches, of health scares, of brilliant clients and collaborators, and a distinct lack of personal space…)

If you’ve been on your arse in 2020, or on your knees, praying for an upward trajectory, you’re probably thinking- I do not fear success. I’m craving that shiz. I want it and I want it now.

EXCEPT. How will you feel if things go brilliantly well for you in the coming months, whilst most people you know (and lots of people you don’t) are still having such tough times? For lots of women in my community, the answer is- ASHAMED. Like I betrayed people. Like it’s not right.

What would be true about us if we were having a good time of things in the context of a worldwide shitshow? I want you to think about that. What would you make that mean? What does it ACTUALLY mean?

Examples of what women make that mean.

I’m selfish. I’m heartless. I’m greedy. I’m lucky. I don’t deserve it. It’s not fair. It’s shameless. It’s uncaring. I’d be a bitch.

Examples of what it actually means.

I’m taking care of myself, and equipping myself to take better care of others. My natural generosity is better resourced. I’m worthy. I’m paving the way. It’s my turn. It’s inspiring. I’d be a contributor.

I recorded this podcast episodewith Alice Benham. She invited me on after I spoke about fear of success on instgram, and I have to find the audacity to tell you- it’s an absolute banger of a conversation, packed with value.

If you do give it a listen, I’d love to know what you think. You can post in the free group, or tag or DM me on instagram.

I’m hoping you’ll listen to the podcast in an epsom salt bath with a G&T and your favourite candle burning. But it’ll still be good if you listen to it whilst cleaning or working out or whatever. You can light the candle for that stuff too.

And pass it on to a pal who deserves all the success she dreams of. Tell her it’s safe.

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