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A note from your 100 year old self…

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It’s me, your 100 year old self, I hacked this blog with the power of my mind, coz it’s the future and everything so yeah.

I want to check in with you. Sometimes I’ve wondered whether you think of me much at all. I’m all for you living in the present moment- that’s been something that’s brought me real peace in times of anxiety, as well as moments of pure joy.

Equally though, even when you’re driving a car and concentrating on what you’re doing there and then, you have to have your eyes on the road ahead, and I seem to remember that when I was your age, I didn’t always feel I had capacity for that.

I know there is A LOT to contend with right now, (you ain’t seen nothing yet, just wait til you get to 2030! JOKES…), but seriously, there will always be a reason not to prioritise us.

If it’s kids now, it might be caring for a loved one next. If it’s resources now- it’ll always be resources. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your financial situation can’t and won’t change (do you wanna know? I bet you’re dying to know… soz, ha!).

I’m saying that believing (or NOT) that you are able to devote any proportion of the resources you have to pleasing yourself is a mindset issue. There will always be things that demand your investment- reasons why you can’t buy the bottle of wine that’s £2 more today, reasons why you wouldn’t let us go to the Maldives in 2027 (ooops, that slipped out- sorry, I’m still not over it).

My wish for you, darling, is to skip the part where you feel you have to prove your worth. For me now, nearing the end of my days, it is ABUNDANTLY clear that we have only been waiting for our own permission. The people whose opinions we’ve worried about over the years- I can barely remember most of their names any more. (Not just because my mind ain’t what it used to be… hoping that microchip implant I’m getting next week with all my memories on will help, bit worried about the 72G but they say it’s fine).

From where I’m sitting, it’s utterly crackers that we gave them so much of our time and energy, so many little chunks of this precious life handed over to them. Stop it as soon as you can. Bring your attention back to yourself.

I wish you could hear the voices of the people whose lives you will impact over the coming decades. I wish you could see their smiles, and glimpse them telling you how you inspired and motivated them, with your passions and talents and tenacity. I wish I could offer you that proof, that it’s already done, out here, in my arena of time and space.

But you’re only in 2020, so you can’t time travel just yet.

If you want to lock this in, if you want it to be true for you, all you have to do is… ACT AS IF. That’s it. All you have to do, each time there’s a decision to be made, which is obvs like 5,327 times a minute, is ask yourself, “what would the woman I wanna be, with the life I wanna lead, do in this situation?”, and DO IT. Simple.

You wanna know why I can’t really give away what happens next? Because all versions of it exist. The one where you feel fired up and take inspired action, whatever that looks like for you- having that challenging conversation, booking a day off from everything and everyone to take yourself on a date, all along, or booking a space on that course you’ve been considering 😉 That happens.

So does the version of reality where you’re like, NO. I can’t. That’s enough for now. This is not for people like me. I’ll settle. I’ll wait. I’ll see.

And every outcome in between. Which of these worlds do you want to live in? Which version of me do you want to become?

Sending you a massive boom of love (literally- we have equipment for that now, pushing vibes from one plane of existence to another, instantly). Receive it. Feel it. My unconditional acceptance of you, the way that I see you as you would see your child self- vulnerable, brave, a storm of possibilities.

You can contact me any time, I’d love to chat again soon. When you hear my voice in your mind, believe it. You are much wiser than you imagine.

Love, your 100 year old self (PS STILL GOT IT) xx

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