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Who Does She Think She Is?! Episode 1- Gemma Bennett

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It’s here! A series of conversations exploring the AUDACITY of some fantastic women. I hope that through witnessing these chats…

  • you’ll notice that ‘bold moves’ look very different from one woman to the next, and release any ideas about your dreams and desires being too big, or not big enough
  • you’ll catch glimpses of daring deviations from our societal norms, stuff you’ve never considered before, stuff that sparks something in you, prompting you to wonder… hmmm, what if I COULD?
  • you’ll gain permission to put yourself higher on your list as you get yourself initiated into this circle of women who are reclaiming this put down. I’d love to get messages from you like ‘I don’t know who I think I am, but I’m doing xyz anyway!’

You can watch it on Instagram here and you can find Gemma here.

Depending how quickly you’re finding this, you might still have time to sneak into my workshop on Saturday 23rd May at 10am- Audacity: The Essentials. 4 key shifts to allow you to become all of who you really are.

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