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That Woman You Are Jealous Of- She’s An Angel

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Jealousy is an invitation, babes. To notice- “I wish I could allow myself that, but I won’t/ can’t/ shouldn’t” and often, “that’s because I’m just a better person than her- I’m less selfish, less full of myself, less demanding, more self aware, more conscientious, have higher standards…”.

Oooooph. “I mean. Look at her, the AUDACITY, parading the life I’d love under my nose, allowing herself to receive money, ease, pleasure, support…”.

What a BITCH, right? She’s an ANGEL mate. An angel who has been sent to show you what’s possible for you, and to highlight the self worth shit you need to deal with.

Think of someone you’re jealous of. What does she have that you want? What would be the consequences if you allowed yourself to have it? What stories have you made up about why you can’t access it? How much of that is really true? Or even matters?

The stories we tell about other people, and ourselves, are mostly BS. You are judging her because making it ‘bad’ for a woman to be/ have/ do whatever it is gives you a good enough reason not to go there, and so you can stay safe where you are. Miserable, but safe.

Instead, if we move to ‘thank you for showing me what’s possible’, we are FREEEEEEEEEEE. Inspired, reassured, increasingly aware of what is important to us and where we need to put our energy and attention.

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