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Babes, Your Dreams Are Not In Lockdown

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So you know as well as I do that THE KIDS ARE ALL AT HOME. All of the time. Every hour of the long day, and the long night, and OMG this had better be one of those short years we are always hearing about.

I know it’s tough, really tough, depending upon your other circumstances. We’ve got ALL the feelings about what it means to be a good person, a good parent, a good citizen right now.

Women are even telling me they feel guilty for grieving what they thought this year in biz was gonna bring them, when so many others are suffering more deeply, or when all they should care about is their family’s health. I want you to know that your feelings are VALID.

If you are running a purpose driven business, that’s a slice of your soul out there. Those are your dreams attached to that domain name,  your hopes on that insta handle. It’s ok to feel like this is unfair AF.

If you’re finding that your biz is already falling so far down the list that it’s in danger of being buried, then you’re not alone. With pressure on our households to spin all the plates, to provide, to parent, to homeschool, to pull a fresh, fun and engaging activity out of our arses 10 times a day, I’m seeing many women describing falling back into old habits and dynamics in their households. Uncomfortable and frustrating situations are arising for lots of us, and resentment is brewing.

Gals. Despite our collective will, this period of life is hardly gonna fly by. We need to settle in here, but we must NOT settle for a scenario that will cripple our emotional wellbeing. The more bitter and depleted we become, the worse life gets for everyone. Those in our immediate vicinity, and wider world.

This is not the time to slip into the selfless stereotype of what it means to be a good girl in our society. This is not the time to say that it’s not important, when you don’t mean it. If it matters to you, it matters. (I honestly credit my business with saving my life through early motherhood, even though so many people told me I SHOULD just be enjoying my babies… right).

This is a time to say, for ONE HOUR each and every day, I will provide support to my dreams. If you’re awake for 16 hours a day, that’s JUST 6.25% of your waking hours. So it’s hardly outrageous.

I’ve seen so much talk about this crisis being an opportunity to reshape our society- babes, THAT IS ONLY GOING TO HAPPEN IF WE LEAD THAT CHANGE. No one is handing this stuff to us on a (handmade by a small business) plate.

If we SAY we want equality, we’ve gotta take it. If we say we want less capitalism, we’ve gotta replace it. If we say we want more value on creativity and joy, than miserable, meaningless productivity, we’ve gotta SHOW IT TO OUR KIDS.

By remaining committed to your business at this time, you are not just serving yourself (and even if you were, I would be absolutely here for that), you are serving the world. So get to it.

I want you to know that it’s not all or nothing. It’s not full steam ahead or on the scrap heap. Many businesses can be kept alive with an hour of love a day.

How do I know this? I built my first business out of fricking thin air. I was a round the clock full time parenting parent til my eldest was 2.5. I got a little bit of childcare in (some half days at preschool) for the few months until my next one came along. I started a childcare swap with my pal when he was 1, just 2 hours a week to start with, building up until he FINALLY started full time preschool in September… and now that dream has died, haahaahelpme.

Neither of them slept at night (one of them still doesn’t). Yes- my husband was with them if I saw clients in the evenings and weekends. But everything else it took to build a successful brand happened in tiny pockets of time. In naps (usually with a child strapped to me), on the loo… yeah, and eventually in precious moments of transactional freedom.

In short, I’ve self resourced my fricking heart out. It’s not an approach I’d recommend for the long term, but it’s exactly what we need right now.

I know how to do this, and I am so keen to help you do it too. Your ambitions are not required to be in lockdown.

I’m running THIS, detailed below, with pre recorded session released on Sunday 5th April, and live sessions during the week that follows. Everything recorded for you to keep forever:

This lecture style workshop, (PLUS BONUSES) with accompanying downloadable PDFs, is here to help you to get SUPER CLEAR about what actions you need to be taking in order to emerge from this period in the best possible shape.

Of course, one hour a day does not include any work you do IN your business- if you teach classes live, if you bake and deliver, or are paid by the hour for your remote work, all that is you working for your business, inside of it. 

What I’m talking about is leading and directing your brand, holding steady, perhaps even growing in certain ways, during this crisis. 

I will be covering:

  • Time to SWOT up- a new assessment of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. Most people are just doing Threat, Weakness, Anxiety, Threat… and repeat, not ideal.
  • Getting clear about what your goals are for the next 6 months, and pointing your resources in that direction
  • Time hacks, productivity strategies, getting important stuff done
  • What NOT to do
  • Negotiating/ asserting your right to support, if you have a partner at home

BONUS SESSION: THE FEELINGS-  dialling down the frustration with EFT with Gemma Bennett

BONUS SESSION: Live Q&A with me where you can ask me anything.

Click here to grab it at the pre-order price of £33 until midnight on Saturday 4th April, on release day it goes up to £55.

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