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WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?! Meet the Sponsors…

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Have I mentioned this event I’m running?! Haaaaaa. It’s just 10 days away now, and I ordered my outfit this morning, so it’s getting REAL.

This isn’t even a sales pitch because it’s absolutely, completely and utterly sold out AF, but it’s set to be a riot. Women are gonna arrive a bit like eeeeeek and leave a lot like HOLY FUCK I AM A POWERFUL BEING AND IN ALLEGIANCE WITH THESE MEGA BABES I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

No biggie babes.

I’m grateful to have 2 incredible sponsors for the event, allowing me to bring you so much value at such a low price.

Black & Sigi

This piece is introducing Rachel Kruyer, who will be baking up a cookie storm for our evening, and you’ll be hearing about Clio soon.

I first met Rachel 5 years ago when she came to my hypnobirthing course. I fricking love the way that my life has been enriched by staying connected to some of the brilliant women I encountered over those years.

She’s since become the Founder of Hugo’s Pantry, a family run business based at home in Leigh on sea. In her own words…

“We opened back in 2018 to give me my drive back for my passion of food! We believe everyone deserves a sweet treat so we have many ranges to suit which include vegan, gluten free & soya free. 

We are stocked in 5 outlets across Leigh & Southend. We cater for events and you can visit us at the Local Farmers Market and other events. We love to support and partner up with other local independent businesses & charities which are close to our hearts. 

I never imagined Hugo’s Pantry becoming as big as it is today. To the point I ended my long career at the BBC and the horrible commute (yay) last June. What a scary next step that was but totally worth it. 

My fingers are tightly crossed at the moment of the biggest project yet for Hugo’s Pantry to happen this summer. Keeps your eye’s peeled 

Who’s Hugo, you are probably wondering…. Hugo is my little man.”

You can find Rachel, and Hugo’s Pantry, here on her website, and here on instagram.

If you’re wishing you could be a part of it, make sure you’re in my brand new community group on Facebook, and following me on instagram, so you don’t miss out on upcoming stuff.

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