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Income Without (Consistent, Repeated) Exertion Is A Feminist Act.

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So this is an interesting one… I saw a heated (well moderated) convo evolving in a Facebook group about Passive Income, and I was triggered left, right and centre wasn’t I?

There was a lot of talk about the 6 FIGURE FORMULA sorta stuff that regularly invades our timelines, the inauthentic, sometimes plainly dishonest nature of many of them (fair), and I had to really manage myself not to start freaking out that EVERYONE (IN THE WHOLE WORLD) thinks I am a fraud. Even though I don’t have a 6 figure business and have never claimed to. Yet.

But because I do talk about money– what I earn, what I want to earn, and what that means for me and my family. I’m actually starting a blog series of female entrepreneurs sharing their money stories, because I think the veil of secrecy and shame keeps us from daring to charge and earn well. (If you search ‘Talk Money To Me’ on the site, you can find them).

Look, it should NEVER be just about money. The goal should never be to do fuck all, receive loads of money for money’s sake, and celebrate yourself in a bath of Moet all day every day (although if you wanna do that from time to time, I am here for that).

Our goals and dreams NEED to be in alignment with our values, and we NEED to be living a meaningful, purpose driven life, otherwise that is not success. Not to me anyway. 

I actually don’t wanna win the lottery. Honestly. I mean I wouldn’t rage if I did, but I don’t hope for it. Because I want to generate financial abundance in a way that’s deeply and thoroughly integrated with improving the world for myself, my kids, my clients, vulnerable people, and everyone else.

BUT. The more I think about all this, the more I feel like we are beating ourselves into a corner with the morality stick. The more I think about it, the more I conclude that generating income in a way that doesn’t require a continued and consistent exchange of time and energy for money is  FEMINIST ACT. You can find out why in this video in the group by clicking here.

I’ll give you a few hints- pay gap, unpaid work, outdated conditioning, pursuit of level playing field across gender and class. 

But please do watch the video with a coffee. Preferably in a feminist themed cup. Bought from an independent, female led business, whilst said females were sleeping. Cheers. 

And PS if you wanna get your head round getting PLENTY more of what you want, on all levels, get involved in Thrive. The FREE Challenge Experience starts Monday 26th August.


Keri x

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