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Have You Got Some I.D. Babe?

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Sadly (maybe?), you’re not about to get my full round of thoughts on the proposed introduction of photo ID as a voting requirement. Ok, ok, I’ll give you a quick summary- oppressive, outrageous, discriminatory, please do pay attention to the ways in which the poor and the vulnerable are being excluded from democracy and ask yourself what kind of people benefit from that.

Moving on.

“I wish I could (insert desirable achievement/ experience etc) but I’m just not the sort of person who can…”

I have this conversation with women ALL. THE. TIME. Whether it’s about exercise (did I mention I ran 10k?! Haaaaaaaaaa), public speaking, going live on Facebook, raising their prices, parenting a certain way, eating a certain way, setting boundaries… All sorts.

People think they lack the means, the resources, the talents, the capabilities, the confidence, when MOST OF THE TIME, it’s simply an identity problem.

95% of who we are by the age of 35 is a collection of habitual thoughts and resulting behaviours. We think we have gotten to know ourselves by that age, when in fact we have simply gotten to know what we chosen for ourselves up until that point.

It’s totally ok not to WANT to do whatever- you’re not here to live up to anyone else’s ideas about what success is. But if you have a curiosity about something, a sense that even a taste of that sort of thing could be exciting in some way, don’t exclude yourself based on your past experiences. Because that’s all we do when we say, “I’m not the sort of person…”.

Our identity, our sense of what is achievable or realistic for us is a projection of the past into the future. Are you willing to remain your past self forever? Even if it means missing out on so many moments of the LIFE you could be living?

It’s NEVER too late to become the kind of person who values herself, who rests, who speaks up for what she believes in, who changes people’s lives, or whatever else you fancy. And the brilliant thing about making an ID switch in this way is that you don’t have to find the mental energy to decide, to negotiate with your old self every time you need to take an action. You decide what sort of person you wish you were, and you make choices from that space, acting as if you already knew it was true.

I want you to know the most magical thing about playing with your identity- once you do one thing that you’d previously considered out of your reach, doing the next thing is easier. It becomes playful, a game with yourself, and the angsty “I wonder what would happen if I…? eeeeeeek agggghhhhh” *nausea*, becomes a wonder- full “I wonder what would happen if I…? oooooo ahhhhhh” *hope*.

Today, I’m the sort of person who

  • turns minimum £5k a month in her business, working no more than 20 hours a week
  • runs 10k (you got that, right…?)
  • prioritises happiness
  • loves yoga
  • pays people to do the things I don’t wanna do

A year or two ago, that stuff was not WHO I WAS. You need to decide, not what do you wanna do, but who do you wanna be. See her, get to know her, love her, choose from her vantage point. And so it is.

Gonna start a thread on this in the free Facebook group. Come and tell me what sort of person you wanna be.

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