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Choose Failure. Again, And Again…

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Every day (near enough) women are telling me, “I can’t make the world a better place yet because I don’t know how to use the software/ track my expenses/ run facebook ads/ use hashtags”

And every day I talk to one of them about failing forwards and learning, embracing the lessons. I talk about how mistakes are inevitable, and that they are not the opposite of success, but a part of it. I might say that every successful person has made a tonne of mistakes/ errors/ screw ups.

You’ve heard all that before, right? You know what rarely gets said? That the people who are doing the things we wanna be doing- creating the impact, serving the people, living on purpose, cultivating abundance- they are STILL fucking up now. 

That’s right.

You don’t get to some expert level in your business, or in your life, where you just know what to do. Or rather, if you do, you’ve stopped growing, and arguably therefore- stopped being someone to look to.

I can feel the imposter syndrome creeping up on me here as I am about to describe myself as a successful woman. I’m resisting the urge to justify or caveat it. Yes. I. Am. 

This successful woman made a MASSIVE fuck up this week. HUGE. 

Wanna know what? NONE of my Thrive clients received an invoice from me this month, due to a combination of my inadequacy on xero and my lack of attention for the money in my business. It was only because some of them kindly asked me about how they should pay me that I realised. I then discovered that a number of my Retreat payments haven’t been coming through either. So I’m possibly a good few grand down by the end of this month vs where I should be. 

Luckily, I’ll still receive the money in time to pay my mortgage, so it’s not a total disaster. But it’s still a pretty rookie error. It’s still meant a right load of faff. 

(I started writing this mid week. As I finish it off on Saturday, I have recently discovered that I DID invoice SOME of my clients when I thought I did, so in fact have asked for payment TWICE at this point. So yeah, I’m about ready to throw my laptop outta the window. And SORRY gals…). 

My point is… yes, it’s a big deal in the sense that I hate inconveniencing people, stressing them out, confusing them, I know we can all do without it. I’m sincerely sorry to my clients. But also no one died, no one opted out of working with me because of it, no one got abusive or hysterical. There are much bigger things going on in the world (in fact, I’ve given this a LOT of headspace this week, one or another time).

It’s safe to fail and to fuck stuff up, again and again, forever and ever amen. And if you are serious about making your mark on the world, and/ or running a business, it’s absolutely essential to embrace this. You can do it.

With love,

Keri xx

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